Popular Female Gynaecologist in KL and Selangor- Malaysia

One of the first important decisions to make during an early pregnancy is to choose a gynaecologist (gynae) or obstetrician (OB) that you trust to go through the journey together. No matter how professional a gynae or obstetrician is, a woman needs to be comfortable with them as she is exposing her most private and sensitive part to the doctor. And trust me, it’s not easy to do that, which is why I personally prefer a female gynae.

So, I did some research and found out about some good female gynaecologists in KL and Selangor. Note that the list is not in order of preference, and I’m not out to find the best gynae in town, but just to share a list of gynae or OB that are popular and relatively good. If you or your friends are looking for gynae in Johor, you should check out this article. Penang? Read this article.

  1. Dato’ Dr. Siti Zaliha Zainal, Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Dato’ Dr. Siti Zaliha Zainal is very famous among the 'going-to-be moms'. She is very professional in her work and has many years of experience. She is recognised by her patients to be very caring and giving them detailed explanation. She takes her time to answer the questions given to her. Since she is very popular, it is pretty hard to get an appointment with her. Her appointment bookings are normally full for the next 2-3 months. Walk-in will have you waiting very long as her walk-in patients’ starts queuing from 7.30am whereas the doctor only comes in at 9.30am. Yes! She is that popular.

According to one of her patients, Dato’ Dr Siti now only does pregnancy check-up up to 6 months only. She might have stop delivering babies as well. Her medical fee is reasonable. A normal medical visit costs roughly around RM80-RM150 per visit. Since she only works at the hospital, she does the delivery also only in SJMC.


  1. Dr. Noor’ Aini Kassim, Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Dr. Noor’ Aini Kassim is a gynaecologist in SJMC. She is a very straightforward person to the extent that sometimes it might hurt her patients’ feelings. She is always telling the patients what they should do, even scolding the patients if they are wrong. She is a no-nonsense person who cares for the patients’ welfare. Dr. Noor’ is not money minded and her consultation fee is relatively cheap compared to others. She is very experienced in delivering babies. She prefers doing C-sect rather than normal delivery and many commented that her operation is fast and good. I would recommend you to go to her only if you are ready for real advice and not flatters from your doctor.


  1. Dr. Tang Bong Nee, Subang Jaya Medical Centre and Taman Desa Medical Centre

Dr. Tang Bong Nee serves at SJMC and Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC). Her cheerful and joyful character makes it easy to be comfortable with. She is a very good listener, friendly and observant towards her patients’ needs. Dr. Tang is very detail in answering questions from her patients, this helps a lot in smoothing the over-worried mums to be. She always reminds them to be extra careful during the pregnancy period and sharing tips on how to improve the health of both the mother and baby. She prefers and encourages natural birth.

Her schedule is always overbooked so waiting time is very long and the consultation period at most takes 10-15 minutes unless there are tests involved. Her consultation fee is reasonable, the killer is those tests that she might suggest which adds up and could burn a hole in your pocket. However, she won’t force or hard sell you to take any of these tests, she will let you decide which test that you are comfortable taking. One thing about Dr. Tang is that she tends to prioritize pregnant mothers, so if you just need a normal vaginal related check-up, I would suggest you go for other gynaes.


  1. Dr. C.B Madhulika, Manipal Hospital, Klang

Dr. C.B Madhulika prefer to be called Dr. Madhu is a very friendly and caring doctor. She serves her patients’ at Manipal Hospital which is located in Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang. She is one of the most experienced doctors in her field. She does not only help pregnant mothers to monitor pregnancy but also helps couples to conceive and help girls in irregular periods. She answers every questions asked, takes time to do detailed check-up, listens very carefully to understand and diagnose the problem. That makes her very strict and straightforward towards her patients and doesn't sugar coat her advice for them. 

One can easily tell that Dr Madhu always prioritize her patients over her own fees. She does not only attend to patients who come to see her but also replies to messages that are sent to her through email, text, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Her replies are fast and helpful to the person asking. Her explanation is very detailed and helpful. She is very active on Facebook and frequently gives advice on marriage management and family management to her followers on Facebook. To those, who have no idea what to do or where to start, I will suggest Dr. Madhu as she will give the right advice on what to do to prevent the problem that has occurred and it’s only a message away. However, let’s not abuse her hospitality by bombarding her with messages on social media, in the end, such messages can never beat a face-to-face session with Dr Madhu.


  1. Datin Dr. Kamaljit Singh, Bangsar Women Specialist Centre and Pantai Hospital, Ampang

Datin Dr. Kamaljit Singh is a gynaecologist at the Bangsar Women Specialist Centre. She also serves at Pantai Hospital, Ampang. She is one of the popular gynae’ in KL. She is known more for neonatal treatment and medication (medical care for new-borns). She does both normal deliveries and caesarean section birth, but discourages C-sect. The doctor is known to be caring, accommodating and friendly. She can be tough and strict when she needs to be, for the best interest of her patients just like a mother would be. She is optimistic and helps her patients to stay positive during pregnancy even if there are any birth complications.

Her staffs at the clinic are very professional and knowledgeable. Their management is very systematic compare to most of the other clinics out there. She has many years of experience that has made her a professional doctor and she is normally very calm and supportive during a delivery of baby. Her consultation fee and delivery package is at reasonable and affordable fee. She is comforting and gives motherly-care to her patients that even first-time mothers prefer going to her for advice. She also helps couples for fertility treatment and women who have imbalance hormones. I would recommend Datin Dr. Kamaljit if you haven’t made a list for which obstetrician to choose.


  1. Dr. Loo Suat Chin, Columbia Asia Bukit Rimau, Klang and Soh & Loo Women’s Specialist Centre Sdn. Bhd

Dr. Loo Suat Chin from Columbia Asia Bukit Rimau is an enthusiastic, dedicated and optimistic obstetrician. She also has her own clinic called Soh & Loo Women's Specialist Centre. She encourages natural birth and is supportive and assuring even if you choose otherwise. She is known to be friendly, patient, helpful, calm, caring, responsible, and experienced in her field. She spends a lot of time with each of her patients. She listens to them attentively, not only for complains regarding the pregnancy but other matters as well. She later explains the problem and solution in detailed form. She does not rush her patients but advices accordingly and let the mother-to-be make the decision.

The waiting time for an appointment with Dr Loo can be very long. If you are lucky, only 2 hours, if not can go up to 7 hours! No kidding! Even then, her patients are willing to wait that long. Her fee is quiet cheap compared to other gynae (tips: it is cheaper if you go to her clinic at Bukit Tinggi, Klang). She is a professional in her field and very skilful for stitching back the torn wound after birth. Many of her patients commented that there is hardly a scar left, other than a thin line from C-sect surgery. She comes to aid immediately whenever there is an emergency.


  1. Dr. Jean Woo Lee See, Gleneagles, Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Jean Woo Lee See works in Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur near Jalan Ampang. She is fast and efficient in her job and always cares for her patients. She specialises in infertility as she has more experience regarding cases of infertility. Patients don’t have to wait for a long time to meet her for an appointment. This is not because she doesn’t have a lot of patients but it’s more due to the fact that she is quick in diagnosing the problem and giving the solution. Her patients’ birth deliveries are fast as well. She is a no-nonsense doctor and always straight to the point. Her fee is considered reasonable and affordable. Sometimes Dr Jean even advises patients on how they can save a few bucks and get the most of all the paid services. Her explanation is always in full detail. Her receptionist is very helpful and the doctor is always on time for all of her appointments. After meeting the doctor, the patients’ confidence level seems to be higher.


  1. Dr. Lim Lei Jun, Sunway Medial Centre and Sunfert Fertility Centre

Dr. Lim Lei Jun is working in the private sector for two gynaecology service provider, which are Sunway Medical Centre (SMC) and Sunfert Fertility Centre. She specialises in fertility problems and loves helping couples to conceive. She is regarded as a good gynae that is very caring and knowledgeable. However, her consultation fee is more on the expensive side. If you have a small budget, you might want to look for another gynae. She has 10 years of experience doing service in the government sector. Being a mother of 3 herself, she tends to pay more attention to your concerns regarding the pregnancy. She has quite a number of loyal patients but you don’t have to wait long in queue to see her, unless there is an emergency that she needs to attend to. Then you might want to change your appointment date. Now, she is no longer does obstetric care. She only does fertility treatment. During her free time, she volunteers herself in 3 different charity groups!


  1. Dr. Wong Yat May, Sunway Medical Centre

Dr. Wong Yat May works for Sunway Medical Centre. She is a woman of few words and very straightforward. She always encourages her patients and helps them to stay positive and optimistic. She is caring, warm, supportive and honest to her patients. She is very professional but only goes in detail if needed or got complications during pregnancy. She sometimes can be a little sarcastic. Her price is in the normal range and usually affordable. If you are looking for a quick check-up, this doctor might be suitable for you. But if you have become sensitive during pregnancy, try another doctor. You might be answered sarcastically by her.


  1. Teresa Chow, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur    

Dr. Teresa is working in Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. She specialises in water birth. Water birth is where the mom-to-be spends her contractions period in the water, later to give birth either in or out of the water pool. She encourages water birth only to patients who have no birth complications. She also specialises in feto-maternal treatment which is for patients that are having high risk pregnancy. To be a specialist in above two fields, she has a lot of patience and is usually very calm. She supports and teaches mothers to breast feed in a proper way. She is very supportive towards her patients and always motivates them when they are at the verge of giving up. She is highly recommended if you’re opting to try water birth for your delivery!


So this is our list of the top 10 gynae in KL and Selangor, do you know of any gynae that you think we should add in here? Let us know at Contact Us, you may also visit other gynae in Malaysia and this link for more popular gynae in KL and Selangor. Or check out this list of bidan and tukang urut that cover the whole Malaysia.