The Best Gynae in KL & Selangor-Malaysia

There are a few stages in a women’s life. In these stages, a woman will have a lot of hormonal changes, from girlhood to womanhood. However, it’s not necessary that all gynaes’ should be females as well. Here are some good and recommended male gynaes’ around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

1. Dr. Wong Pak Seng

                                                                                                                                          Source 1, 2

Dr. Wong obtained his Fellowship in Infertility and Reproductive Medicine in United Kingdom. He perfected his skills in hysteroscopy and laparoscopic reproductive surgery before returning to Malaysia from UK. Since his return, he has worked in several IVF centres before founding Sunfert in 2009. He speaks regularly at public forums as well as at medical conferences. With more than 12 years’ experience in treating infertile couples and having performed over 3000 IVF cycles. If you have any questions regarding any circumstances, you can ask him! He is very friendly and caring. He motivates you not to give up and you have a chance to conceive as well. He will only help you to conceive and later pass you to his colleagues once you’re pregnant for monthly check-ups.


2. Dr. Chuah Bee Poh


 Source 1

Dr. Chuah is a gynaecologist and obstetrics (O&G) in Tung Shin Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. His early education in Medicines was done in India and later continued doing his specialisation in Malaysia. When asked, why O&G? His answer is very simple. He didn’t like the other specialisations. He is very friendly, caring and talkative. He sure likes talking a lot, and when it comes to giving advice, he would give you a proper and clean explanation in view of his past experiences. Therefore, if you’re planning to have a child, or you’re pregnant, you may want to seek him out. He’s very good in doing ultrasound scans, be it baby scans or gynaecological scans. He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and a few other dialects. His fees are reasonable and fair as he is very generous as well.


3. Dr. Haris Hamzah


    Source 1

Dr. Haris Hamzah is a board-certified Obstetrics & Gynaecologist specializing in assisted reproduction technology and laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery. He works at Alpha International Fertility Centre. He graduated from the University of Malaya. He became a Member and Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (London). Dr. Hamzah established the first In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Facility and Fertility Management program in the country and he delivered the first IVF pregnancy in the country followed by the first and Twin GIFT pregnancy. He also delivered the first PROST and TEST pregnancy and the first ICSI and ICSI/Testicular Biopsy pregnancy. In addition, he was the one to introduce Gonal F for IVF use in Malaysia and the Antagonist Protocol for IVF. He is friendly and caring. You won’t mind him even if he is a male gynae.


4. Dato Dr. Ang Chin Guan

                                                                                           Source 1

Dato' Dr. Ang Chin Guan of Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) is good as he always encourages mom-to-be’s to do natural birth. His consultation fee and delivery cost are reasonable. His consultation period is 5-10 minutes per session and will only go longer depending on case study. This is because he has a lot of patients coming to him. By the way, he also has a clinic in Taman Mayang Specialist Center. He is a friendly and caring person. He only give medications if the pregnant mom needs them and doesn’t force them to make any decisions. He encourages to do natural birth but if you choose doing C-section, he will support you. If he has an emergency, your waiting time can go on for 30 – 90 minutes. It’s an advantage to go see him, but if you’re willing to wait long. But it’s worth the waiting time!


5. Dr. Ravi Chandran

                                                                     Source 1, 2

Dr. Ravi Chandran is a gynae and the head of O & G department in Gleneagles, Kuala Lumpur. He is very experienced in pregnancy process. He is a professional in both maternal and fetal medicine. He tends to attend emergency cases first. It means if you have an appointment also, if there is an emergency at that time, he will prioritize the emergency case. You will have to wait until he finishes the case. It is better to go with an appointment. At least you won’t have to wait a long time as a walk-in. His fee is expensive as his professional service is very good. He does a throughout check on you whether it’s because of pregnancy or because there is a growth in your ovary. He asks a lot of questions before diagnosing your problem. So, if you choose him, you are in good hands.


6. Dr. Wong Sum Keong

                                                                                                                               Source 1

Dr. Wong is an obstetrician in Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. At the same time, serves in Hartamas Women’s Specialist Centre in Hartamas. He is very popular and has many patients. His patients are not only first–timers but also the mom-to-be’s who have become comfortable with him. He is very patient and encourages natural birth. He won’t opt on C-section until the last minute and if there is no other choice. He is very skilled and also very respectable and meticulous in his work. If you are willing to wait long, he is worth it, the waiting line is the same throughout the week. He takes appointment to only fill the slots of the day. If there are a lot of patients, walk-ins are not entertained unless an emergency. You ca also try water-birth here as Pantai hospital is the only one providing this type of delivery. He also supports breastfeeding for new mothers and tells them to do it for as long as they can.


7. Dr. Paul Tay Yee Siang

                                                                                                                             Source 1, 2

Dr. Paul Tay is from Prince Court Medical Centre. He is specialised in IVF and works in that department. Not only as a gynaecologist but also as an obstetrician, he cares for his patients and helps them all the questions. He also reminds you if you have any more questions to ask. He is very calm and relaxing that makes the mom-to-be comfortable with him. If the pregnant mom is overdue, where other doctors will opt fort C-section surgery he will ask to wait if can do normal delivery. His charges are reasonable and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about high price as he works at a private hospital. As a young doctor, he has achieved a lot and is very experienced. Don’t go for his age but his experience in handling women with different problems regarding hormones.


8. Datuk Dr. Maheswaran Sittampalam

Datuk Dr. Maheswaran Sittampalam business pictureDamai Service Hospital                                                                                                             Source 1, 2

Datuk Dr. Maheswaran Sittampalam is the director of Damai Service Hospital (HQ) Sdn Bhd and resident consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist attached in the hospital. He completed his post graduate training in U.K. where his special interest was infertility. In additional to his clinical and surgical duties in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, he was instrumental in initiating the IVF services in the hospital. He pays particular attention and has been a keen advocate of safety for patients undergoing ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive treatment. Further, he has been actively involved in organizing the Hospital's continuing Medical Education Programme and clinical training. He is very experienced in infertility and has been doing it since 1999. So, you don’t have to worry! You are with the best.


9. Dato Dr. Prashant Nadkarni

                                                                                                                       Source 1, 2

Dr. Prashant qualified as a doctor from Universiti Malaya (UM), obtained his specialist degree after training in UK, and has been an Infertility Specialist since then. In all, he has had over 30 years of experience in infertility and IVF. Dr Prashant Nadkarni, has been practising since 1982 and he's excellent due to his vast experience. He's also very ethical and kind, and his staff are equally dedicated and efficient. The staff and doctor will take you through the procedure and help prepare you for each stage. He is very straightforward and gives you the best solution to go through. He does not gives you false hopes and false promises. He will ask to do either IUI or IVF according to what your problem is. If your infertility problem is minor, you will be advised to do IUI and vice versa for IVF. His success rate is more than 50%, so don’t get your hopes down! You still have a chance to conceive.


10. Dr. Fan Poh Wah

                                                                                                                     Source 1

Dr. Fan obtained his medical degree from University of Malaya (UM) in 1988 and went on to pursue his Masters in Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 1995. Years of experience and dedication in various hospitals across Peninsular Malaysia perfected his skills in obstetrics and gynaecology and subsequently, specialises in sub-fertility and minimally invasive surgeries. He previously was in Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC) and Sunway Medical Centre (SMC). Now, he has his own clinic in Kuchai Lama named Fan Specialist Clinic for Women and also helps infertile couples at Sunfert Fertility Centre. He is friendly and a calm gynae. He is very professional in his work and because of that he is very popular. He keeps his pregnant patients calm and at ease with his sense of humour. You can got to him if you hate waiting in a long line. 

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