About us

LookP.com is a platform for consumers to publish their knowledge about a professional service provider so that others can make an informed decision before engaging their services.

Service providers will be ranked according to the reviews and rates by the consumers. Those with better quality of service will appear ahead of others. Over time, those left behind will have no choice but to buckle up and improve their service level. We aim to create a win-win situation for service providers and consumers, whereby service provider is recognized and rewarded for quality service, while consumer get the quality service that they deserved.


Enable high quality service providers to be recognized and easily found by consumers on the internet.


To create a level playing field for all service providers where they are competing with the quality of their service, not marketing muscle.


LookP.com was co-founded by Gan Kok Seng and Ng Ying Chow, two engineers without IT background. It started when they realize that while it is easy to find a review for a restaurant or computer hardware, there are not many reviews for service providers. When in need of the service provider such as gynae or skin specialist, people either rely on the recommendation from their friend or use trial-and-error way to find quality service providers.

Most of the times, it was the service provider with bigger marketing budget that get all the customers, not the one who provides a better service.

They decided to change this by building a platform that allows everyone to share their opinion about service provider and make it easily found by others. They believe if people care enough to write a long review about a movie they watched, they should care enough to write a review for the doctor that may save their life.