Hot Popular Skin Specialists in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor-Malaysia


We have heard many scary stories with skin specialists, but we also found many requests of recommending good skin specialist in Malaysia as well. Here are the list of skin specialists for whole Malaysia together with their reviews. 

Irregardless of the scary stories, there are many good skin specialists around Malaysia. So, we compiled a list of 6 skin specialists in KL and Selangor area that you can consider should you need the service of a dermatologist.

1. Ting Skin Specialist

The services here are divided to two, which are medical and cosmetics. Medical is more for skin conditions due to diseases, hair disorders and etc. whereas cosmetics is more for scar removal, tattoo removal and etc. the location of this clinic is convenient as it is at the heart of KL, located in Jalan Imbi. When I was doing my research for skin specialists on the internet, many recommended this clinic as the service quality is good. The doctor, Dr. Ting Hoon Chin has a lot of experience and can be very straightforward. Some people might find him a little cold but good service is guaranteed. The disadvantage here is since it’s very popular among locals, the waiting time is long. You have to be prepared to wait a long time for your turn with the doctor. It is advised to call in for appointment first before going. If not, you might have to wait few hours. You can also just go and bring a friend with you. A lot of time to catch up on gossips. The price range defers depending on your skin condition. It is advised to bring at least RM300 (including medication, if any) for your first time. Some may think that is expensive, it is not certain that you will be charged RM300 or more, but is better to stay on the safe side.  

2. Ranjit Skin Specialist

This clinic is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The doctor, Dr. Ranjit Singh has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding skin problems and also hair fall problems. Most of his patients are regarding itchy scalp, acne, and hair loss. He does a fast diagnosis, effective and efficient treatment. Most of his patients recover after only three sessions with him. That is fast. Some might have doubts but when I did my research I didn’t find any complaints about his treatments. If you still have doubts, call up the clinic and ask. You are paying for a good skin. Like the first clinic, this clinic is also always full with patients. So, be prepared to wait for a long time. Better to make an appointment. There are no complaints on the pricing so it has to be reasonable and appropriate with the services given.  So, do not worry about your budget. You can always ask the doctor to go according to your budget. Although there are no complaints regarding the service and doctor, there are complaints about the staff being a little show off and rude. But this does not affect the patients to stop coming here. 

3. Ko Skin Specialist

Arguably the most famous skin specialist in Malaysia. Ko Skin Specialist is handled by professional doctors with many years of experience. It has many branches all around the country. So, you don’t have to travel especially to be treated here. Just go to the clinic branch near you. They provide not only aesthetic skin solutions but also hair loss and obesity solutions, and they also provide cosmetic surgery to beautify yourself. The staffs here are also trained are expert in their area respectively. This clinic’s price range is higher than the other clinics. Since its run by professionals, patients tend to feel more secure here to have their treatments done. The consultants are straightforward and explains each and every information in detail. They do not force or push their patients and let their patients take time to make decisions whether to proceed or not. They also answer the questions asked with patience and full details. The flaw in this clinic other the price is that the clinic is always busy. So, to get an appointment or to schedule an operation might take long as the list is always full. It’s better to call up and get an appointment as soon as possible to avoid waiting in line.

4. Nathan Skin Specialist

Nathan Skin Specialist is a family clinic where father and son treats the patients here. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Nathan Sr. is called the “grandfather” of all skin problems as he is very experienced and has a vast knowledge of this field. He also serves his services at Assunta Hospital. The father focuses more on the skin treatments whereas the son, Dr. Nathan Jr. is more specialised in hair problems. Junior Dr. Nathan can be found at the clinic at Menara UOA Bangsar most of the time, but senior Dr. Nathan is always to and fro from Assunta Hospital and their clinic. It’s better to make an appointment before going as you might not get to see one of the father or son if you go walk-in. There is another partner in this clinic and the service provided is equal to the other two. Since this clinic is popular, no doubt the waiting time is long. As for the price, it is reviewed that the price range is affordable and considered cheap. It is highly recommended to come here if you’re a first timer.

5. Noh Skin Specialist

This clinic is located along the road of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman which is at the heart of town. It is opposite the Odeon Cinema. To find it, just ask where the famous “Kebab” stall is. The clinic is directly above the stall. The doctor running this clinic is Dr. Mohd Noh Idris whom is very experienced in his field. He has solve many patients’ problems and for his treatments there hasn’t been any complaints or any misdiagnosed cases. The clinic has been running for many years. At the same time, even though the service given is good the doctor doesn’t only focus on his this clinic but also works in another hospital (Tawakal). So, he is always coming late to his clinic where patients are already waiting for him as early as 7 a.m. The fee here is also very expensive and they do not accept any type of card being a debit card or credit card. So be prepared to bring a lot of cash with you. The treatment method can be considered old-fashioned as mostly he doesn’t use the new technology that has changed this industry in a better prospect. Complaints given by previous patients are that the receptionist is rude and doesn’t attend the patients well when it’s near to break time or clinic’s closing time, other the very long waiting hours. Even though there are many complaints about the timing and management, this clinic has many loyal customers. It has become a family clinic for many.

6. Dr. Priya Gill

Dr. Priya Gill serves at Manipal Hospital as a skin specialist. She is a friendly dermatologists who takes time understanding her patients’ problem and also their lifestyle. She is very thorough in her treatments and explains to them all the procedures in detail. She loves her job where she helps to treat all type of skin diseases. Her main focus is on acne, pigmentation, allergies sexual health, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and aesthetic medicine. She also does part-time consulting in ParkCity Medical Centre and Columbia Asia Petaling Jaya. It is easy to contact whether it is through a phone call or Facebook. According to her patients’ reviews, her fee is reasonable and worth it with the treatment given by her. She is very dedicated towards her patients and will try to treat the disease with her own personal touch. She tries spending as much time with each patient to know about their lifestyle and find the cause which triggers the skin disease. First timers, be prepared to have a long consultation to get to know your problem. She is believed to be one of the best dermatologists out there.

7. Sliq Clinic

Sliq Clinic is the first lifestyle clinic situated in Oasis Ara Damansara offering medically proven and safe treatments to fulfil your aesthetic needs. Doctor Steve Chia has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding skin problems. He will advise his patient in how to take care of their skin to tackle the root cause of the problem. This clinic provides variety of therapies and medical facials, but what makes them special is they offered aesthetic & anti-aging treatments using latest FDA approved Laser technology which will be more effective. Sliq clinic is quite popular as based on the reviews given by their customers, most of them are satisfied with their services. The friendly customer service and cozy environment of Sliq Clinic makes their customer to feel relax when having their treatment here. If you are facing with skin problem or desire to have better skin, call them and make an appointment, you won’t regret to get your treatment here as the price is also affordable and the downtime aesthetic treatments which will not be affecting your social life.

8. Dr Elson Chee Chern Shiung

Dr Elson is a very popular dermatologist from My Bliss Clinic. He leads a team of well-educated professionals in health and beauty industry to work together with him. Dr Elson is a medical professional with more than 6 years of experience in beauty-enhancing treatments and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Based on the review given by his customer from New Zealand, she is extremely happy when getting her treatment here. The staff is friendly and kind, during the treatment their customer didn’t feel any discomfort. Other than skin treatment, they also offer laser tattoo removal treatment. Most of their customer tried many of the skin specialist before they visit Dr Elson and decided to stay here for further treatment. Still looking for skin specialist? Why not give a call to My Bliss Clinic and make an appointment to meet and consult Dr Elson before make your decision.

So, here are the 6 dermatologists that we like, which one is your favorite? Do you have other skin specialists in mind that you think we should include here? Let us know by emailing us here. You may also check out this link to find out the reviews for other skin specialists in Malaysia.