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Assunta Hospital was founded by a group of missionaries from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) in 1954. Today, after decades of serving the Petaling Jaya community in Malaysia, Assunta Hospital continues its commitment of practising good clinical governance, providing high quality and safe healthcare delivery from its modern 256-bed hospital complex The hospital is technologically advanced to meet and empower with a panel of over 100 commendable specialists to provide good medical outcomes in diagnosing and treating their patients. Our specialists doctors cover a wide range of specialties and subspecialties such as interventional cardiology; open heart surgery; orthopaedics; general surgery for both adult and paediatrics; internal medicine, nephrology, urology, ENT, obstetrics and gynaecology.

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General Ward-ROOMRM
Premier Suite650
Executive Suite500
Deluxe Room320
Single Room220
Double Bedded150
Triple Bedded115
Four Beddded95
Isolation Room240
Daycare Bed70

Special Care UnitRM
High Dependency Unit (HDU)260
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/Coronary Care Unit (CCU)350

Nursery / Children Ward-ROOMRM
Nursery Special Care100
Nursery Incubator Care165
Nursery Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit190
Children High Dependency Unit190



11.30AM - 3.00PM

5.00PM - 9.30PM

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Waiting until Pt die!!! It not the Pt problem when your hospital having shortage of people, if you cannot treat them better refuse and don't admit them... we go in 5pm until now 1:30am then said wait for the doctor until tomorrow Pt is in pain what a bullshit nurses also!!! Assunta is very good before now it's very worst!!! Doctors are great but nurses are very sucks!!!! Not like before....!!!! Mismanaged bring back the real assunta hospital change management!!!!
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  • Friendly
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We just had a very bad n unpleasant experience with them for the request to transfer my mom from there to UH. The doctor who in-charge my mom case can changed his statement within 24 hours. The reason we want to transfer is also after 2 weeks of treatment, my mom still need to breathe with Nasal Tube and the information given by the Doctor who overall in-charge of my mom case & the information by the Lung Specialist r totally different. The first one said her Lung issue is the main concern but the 2nd one said her Lung Infection is cleared.