Things to Consider Before You Decide to Proceed with Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is something that has become very common in this era. What is plastic surgery? According to Wikipedia, it is a medical procedure with the purpose of alteration or restoring the form of the body.

There are many reasons people opt on doing cosmetic surgery. The reasons differ from individual needs. Some do it for confidence boost, others to beautify themselves. In my opinion, its better you find out whether your reason or decision is right to continue or not. If your decision is final in doing the surgery, it’s time to consider a few factors to continue your decision for aesthetic surgery.

Do your full research on:

1.       Surgeon’s qualification

There are certain ways to see the qualification of surgeon. Don’t go awe with the certificates displayed in their waiting lobby or their website. That could be fake. Qualified doctors are all registered with the society of cosmetic surgeons in their respective country. There is an international website ( that you can use as a starter to find out whether the doctor you chose is registered or not. Don’t trust google too much as the first in the search engine is not necessarily the best one. So, be very careful!

2.       Local or Oversea

Some say doing locally is better but some say abroad is better. People have many reasons why they prefer abroad than local or local rather than abroad. For the one doing abroad it can be because they don’t want people to know that they went through plastic surgery. Some people feel more comfortable doing somewhere else as it gives them time to relax as well. Some because of the pricing but it is not necessary that abroad is cheaper then local, for that you have to keep in check with the currency out there. Doesn’t matter which country you’re doing it, fluctuation in the exchange rate will be either beneficial to you or become a loss to you. Famous countries people go to are Thailand, Korea, America, Australia, Malaysia and Taiwan. This countries are popular as the doctors here are highly educated and well-experienced. So, you might want to consider the pros and cons on which is better, local or abroad? You can use the other factors as your guideline.

3.       Risks of the surgery

Many might think what risk can you have doing a plastic surgery? Trust me! A lot of things can go wrong. And every operation has some similar risk and some different risks. Here are some common cosmetic surgery done by Malaysians which include facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast implant, and tummy tuck. Each has their own risk. 

4.       Pricing

Pricing is always based on how much is your budget on doing the cosmetic surgery. Here is something that can give you an idea on the pricing around Asia. You can use this as a guideline for your price hunt. But if the fee charged and holiday package is extremely cheap then beware, the deal might be a scam. If not, it is an unlicensed beautician.  Like said earlier in the above point, pricing is not as important as the other factors as money you can always earn again but you only live once. Be cautious with your decision!

5.       Facilities and Flexibility

If you’re doing locally, you tend to have more facilities as you know where to go and when to go. Also you can always depend on your friends and relatives for any help needed before, during or after the surgery. If doing abroad, all the facilities are there but within a limit as you’re in a different country and you need to research more to find out all the facilities, hotels, and hospitals around your surgery area. You should be able to be flexible no matter where you do it, local or abroad. Make sure for your safety reasons there is an Emergency Room (ER) near you. If any complications occur, you can be sent directly to the ER. Risks can happen anytime, being safe is the best option. See if the access to this facilities are good or not. If there is easy access to the hospitals or clinics nearby. If not, run for your life! 

6.       Post-Surgery Accessibility

In plastic surgery, the success rate is very uncertain. It is not necessary that with one operation you will get your ideal look or you will be satisfied with the end result. Make sure the surgeon you go to tells you all the details and how many post-treatments you need to come for. Different type of aesthetic surgeries have different time to recover. You may simply Google around to learn more about the recovery period for facelift, breast augmentation, double eyelid, nose job, and liposuction. 

7.       Years of experience

After knowing your surgeon’s qualification, you should enquire on their experience. It is important as it boosts your confidence towards the doctor. If you have no confidence in the doctor, there is no point of continuing your surgery. Find forums or comments regarding the plastic doctor in internet. Ask the patients before you, how their experience were. Don’t pin-point only on the good reviews but lookout for bad ones also. A doctor with no bad reviews is too good to be true.

8.       Communication

Many of the unsuccessful surgery that happened were because of lack of communication or language problem between the doctor and patient. If there is a language barrier, and even though they have a translator with them, I will suggest you to change your surgeon. You might not see the importance but if anything on allergy or medication is misinterpreted than your life is in danger. So, please! Be very careful! Make sure you’re on good terms with your doctor. Not because he might do something wrong but because you need to get comfortable in telling the problems that you face. Also, let someone from your friends or relatives know about you having this surgery, don’t go alone and do it without anyone’s help. Having a certain perspective from others might help you build more confidence. Get all the support you can!

Well, I think I have cover most of the things you need to think over before you proceed for aesthetic surgery whether it is here in Malaysia or abroad. Another thing is, before you make a decision, may be you should check out some of the skin specialists here in Malaysia, as some of them may be able to help you with your problem without going for a plastic surgery. 

If you think I need to add any tips or edit my information, do let us know by leaving a comment below or PM us. Also, you can use our listed plastic surgeons as your reference or a starting point for your quest to improve yourself, just go here.