Petrol Price Malaysia 6-12 Sept 2018

[Latest] Currently, we are no longer updates the fuel price and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience 

On 16 May 2018, our 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir was officially announced that the government will fix the recent price and has decided to discontinue the method of calculating oil prices on a weekly basis. For now, petrol prices are set at this rate as below.

Week Prediction Actual Price
26 July-1 Aug 2.365 RM2.20
2-8 Aug 2.429 RM2.20
9-15 Aug 2.389 RM2.20
16-22 Aug 2.425 RM2.20
23-29 Aug 2.440 RM2.20
30-31 Aug 2.465 RM2.20
1-30 Sept 2.465 RM2.20

Prediction Petrol Price for RON97

Prediction Petrol Price for Diesel

Malaysia government has scrapped the fuel subsidy system since 2014, but now Tun Dr Mahathir announced in a recent press conference, the government will giving subsidies to bear all the rising cost in world fuel price. That’s means there was no more fluctuation price every week and the recent fuel price will be fixed in sometime. So far, no further announcements and details have been made regarding the duration of this rate will be retained. So will this price last forever? Or will it change over world fuel prices?

Let’s find out the petrol price prediction by following us. We'll calculate for you and update our petrol price data a few times a week, so you can get a bit of a picture and a forecast of fuel prices for the future.

In case that government decided to fix the petrol price, if previously my work to predict the petrol price has just increased by 4 times but now it seems more difficult and challenging for me to make predictions. It’s sound funny, right? But yeah, I must admit it. :(

However, I will follow suit and try my best to predict the latest weekly petrol price for you. On top of that, you can check my prediction for RON95, RON97, and Diesel every week on the respective links, and I will update this page at least few times a week to bring you the latest prediction. My prediction is based on a computerized formula, which includes the daily closing MOTAS 95 and BNM USD/ Ringgit price, so do come back from time to time to check the latest prediction.

The forecast petrol price is not 100% correct but shall have less than 2 sen deviation on average based on my analysis. The petrol price is subjected to the sudden change of Government subsidy and new system implemented. The calculation includes short term and medium term of refined oil and Ringgit versus USD. Hopefully, this estimation is helpful to you.

The table below shows the daily value of Singapore Mogas 95 unleaded Platts (average of spot, second and third month in USD) and ringgit conversion data (from BNM,  closing time 5 pm) for last few weeks. If you want to learn more about the formula that I use, visit here to check the fuel price formula.

1 August, 2018 81.85 4.0655
2 August, 2018 82.82 4.0725
3 August, 2018 82.66 4.0825
6 August, 2018 83.20 4.0775
7 August, 2018 84.62 4.0845
8 August, 2018 82.56 4.076
9 August, 2018 82.28 4.072
10 August, 2018 83.37 4.0795
13 August, 2018 83.09 4.0925
14 August, 2018 83.87 4.0965
15 August, 2018 83.53 4.103
16 August, 2018 83.29 4.1005
17 August, 2018 83.04 4.104
20 August, 2018 83.46 4.103
21 August, 2018 83.34 4.094
22 August, 2018 84.90 4.094
23 August, 2018 84.73 4.105
24 August, 2018 85.40 4.1095
27 August, 2018 85.93 4.0995
28 August, 2018 85.45 4.097
29 August, 2018 86.50 4.103
30 August, 2018 86.52 4.1075
31 August, 2018 86.25 4.1075
3 September, 2018 87.38 4.124
4 September, 2018 87.75 4.1355

Latest Ron97 petrol price

Harga Minyak Ron95

Latest Diesel price

Formula on Calculation