Winning Tips in Jackpot

The main difference between jackpot and non-jackpot game is the rate of return.  The rate of return of non-jackpot is always the same, which is around 60%. But, the rate of return of jackpot game is fluctuating, typically between 20% to over 100%. Although the chance of jackpot winning is largely depends on luck, but we can optimize the rate of return of your jackpot through some simple calculation and certain strategies.

Based on the case in Malaysia, here are 6 scientific tips and strategies that you must understand in maximizing your rate of return on playing Jackpot

  • Check regularly by finding out the highest rate of return for each game, such as Magnum, Toto and Damacai. Focus on those with rate of return that are more than 80%
  • Smaller bet in system like i-System, EZ-bet, M-System and Share System Bet will largely reduce the risk of Jackpot Sharing. Your Jackpot may only reduce by few percentages if someone else wins the full jackpot
  • Total Ticket sales during Tuesday (Special Draw) and Wednesday is 20% and 10% lower compared to weekend. It implied that Jackpot sharing is more frequently happened in weekend which may reduce your total winning
  • In Toto Jackpot (Supreme, Power, Grand) which requires customers to select number from 1 to over 55. Numbers below 31 will have higher chance of occurance because many like to use their date of birth as one of the numbers
  • Chinese love the number ‘8’. Jackpot sharing chances may increase 10% if your chosen numbers contain number ‘8’
  • People love to have same number selected due to lower cost in permutation. Example, “1234” has 24 permutations while “1123” has only 12 permutations. Again, Jackpot sharing chances may increase 10% if your chosen number contain same digit within


Average result for Toto

Average result for Magnum

Average result for Damacai