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I have frequent muscle cramps so I thought it was cramps again but when I checked with the doctor's it was something related to my spine. The disc between my L4 and L5 is pressing against my nerve. So i did a small operation in a government hospital. I was fine till a week after the operation, I couldn't even turn on the bed, walk or sit long so we went back and they told its the side effects after a long operation. Doctors never be wrong and some more a specialist so I bear the pain every day and night and then we went to Dr thaveethu after 3-4 weeks to have a full check and he told "you came the right time,you could have been paralyzed" because the bacteria was eating up my bones.Then I was given heavy dosage of antibiotics. I recovered after few months and now thanks to God I'm fully recovered but need to take extra care. Thank you Dr Thaveethu Moses