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Post hip replacement operation 4 months review:

It took 10 minutes of conversation with Dr. Tai for me to put my trust in him and make the decision to let him do my surgery, and this is after consulting multiple doctors which none of them were able to. Here is why:

He makes sure the patient fully understands the facts of the situation they are in which allows me to make the best decision that I can with full understanding of the risk, procedure and result.

Regardless of how technical the procedure and medical terminology is, Dr. Tai was always extremely patient in taking the time to explain step by step in the simplest terms that you can understand.

Another sign that he goes the extra mile is despite being overseas just 3 days after my operation, he personally called to check up on my condition. Really appreciate Dr. Tai going above and beyond exceeding all expectations during my whole operation journey, it shows his professionalism and commitment to his patient.

4 months after my surgery, everyone around me including myself was shocked at how fast the recovery process was. I am now able to walk without pain 4-5 KM everyday without any assistance.

A word of advice from myself, believe in the current technological advancement in the medical industry and Dr. Tai himself. Go for the surgery as soon as you can, I have spent years worrying with fear and spending countless amount of money with no end to the problem while avoiding the best and most obvious solution which is the surgery itself.

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A very experienced and kind doctor