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Anyway, first of all, he isn't an OBGYN. He is a specialist for maternal-fetal condition. Clearly, my folks aren't aware of the many clinical focus that is available. Or perhaps it wasn't all complicated during their time eh? He did some blood tests and scans for me, and asked for hubby to take a SA as well (which of course he didn't do it there) - after a couple of times of seeing him, he just said to me that we have to do IVF. Without even checking on my tubes etc. Yes, I admit, we are doing IVF now. He referred me to a reproductive specialist in HKL itself, which of course I didn't go. Hubby was never going to agree for us to go to HKL anyway. What can I say about our general hospital? Bad. If you are prepared to wait for half a day, or maybe more, then go ahead. Of course, all you gotta pay is a mere RM5 or RM10 - with a referral letter from a government clinic - but the service, the wait, the environment - not worth it. Oh, not to forget, all the trainees who will be there watching your scan etc. Oh, the doctor also has a clinic of his own somewhere in Sg Buloh and he also has clinic days at SDMC.