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Menurut Dr Datesh prostatitis kronik adalah penyakit berkaitan urologi yang paling kerap didiagnosis dalam kalangan lelaki berusia lebih 50 tahun dan ketiga paling kerap kalangan lelaki berusia bawah 50 tahun.
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Dr Datesh is one of the best doctors I have ever seen.

professional , friendly , experience .

he cares about your health the most.

doesn't care about money value at all

I did 1 surgery ,and one procedure . he is very professional .

I also did shock wave therapy for few sessions and get better.

he is the only one in Asia who will provide shock wave therapy solution . that solution will help you to get rid of (prostatitis ,ED)

without full yourself with medicine for a long periods taking the risk of recurring or not cured .

I highly recommend this doctor and his shock wave therapy