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For those who wanted to know whtr Prof Eugene of UH (UMSC) is good. Im 6th month first pregnancy & am seeing him. He did an op to remove my cyst, fibroids & endometriosis in 2006. Hes really good, very committed to his patients well being. Im staying in Shah Alam but still stick with UMSC bcoz of him although I dont like the environment there. Yes, I have his hp number (I think its his working hp) & have called him before & he always answer unless hes doing surgery. I dont think hes money minded like some gynaes coz when I told him i wanted caesarian, he sound very discouraging & keep asking me to think about it. He also has many patients but I dont think I waited that long (max 1 hr but usually 30 40 mins) compared to another private hospital gynae which made me wait up to 2 3 hrs. About the charges, shd be similar to private hospital coz UMSC is under the private wing but certain things could be more expensive for example they have admin fee which i think other hospitals dont have or at least I dont remember paying for this.