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I have engaged the services of Woof gang for about five months now for basic obedience training and I am very happy with the progress my dog has made. We do once a week training for an hour and a half and my whole family participates. I have a doberman who is very energetic and had plenty of issues initially. I am happy to report that through the training, we are eradicating his bad habits as they appear. My seven month old dog does not jump and scratch the cars (which I am very particular of), does not bite and chew on shoes and slippers, does not bark hysterically at other dogs when we go out for walks, does not pull on the leash when out on walks. He has a particular stubborn streak common to guard dog breeds but with the patience and the training we are doing with Amelia, he has come a long way. She was very clear that she had the practical experience and was working on her formal qualifications and I was happy to work with her on this basis as she was honest with me. At my age and having worked for over 23 years as a lawyer, I am no respecter of pure formal qualifications. I have seen many people with paper qualifications but lacking in the necessary empathy and soft skills. Amelia has the empathy and the connection with my dog. That to me is the most important thing. We will continue to use Woof gang until he graduates to guard dog training later on in the year.