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I am very frustrated with the service n the dog food(fish flavour) they are selling. I bought 3 bags of dog food from them and all of them had worm inside. I request for exchange but the staff there are not happy to exchange for me. The lady staff ask me to call thier suppiler personaly to exchange myself. After arguing with them they finally agree to change for me but the problem still remain after changing for 3 times. The staff told us is new batch but all the new batch of dog food still have the same problem. But the staff still can warned me that after so many times of changing she can't exchange for me anymore and request me to take lamb flavour which is cheaper than I bought. I am very not happy after so many times of changing the problem syill cant solve and somemore we open the food can check in their shop. OMG almost all of the pack we open has the same problem. Their lady staff told me just 2 customer complain about this problem and others are ok with it. The others are ok with the food is because they did not notice this problem as the worm and the dog food are almost same color. Actually me n my friends meet dog food had worms inside before and the seller was willing to exchange for us without any excuses but this pet shop not willing to change and try to blame on me giving them more work to do. I hope who see this will pass this massage to ur friend n family members. Remind your love ones to be more careful when purchase pets food from this shop.