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Tadika Nemo Bestari is a licensed kindergarten, providing early childhood education, enrichment program and after school or before school child care services. We have children from the ages of 3 years old. Every class is taught by a Early Childhood educator who has a minimum of Diploma in Early Childhood, who is sensitive to each child's development program. Our classes are limited to only 15 children, to ensure every child receives the attention he/she requires.

We at Tadika Nemo Bestari believe in the "Theory of Multiple Intelligence" according to Howard Gardner. It provides a foundation for recognizing all forms of talents, abilities and skills in a child in the areas of
- verbal
- mathematical
- music
- spatial relations
- interpersonal and communication skills.

Through this approach, we are able to nurture, " A Confident Child with Positive Attitudes". We have successfully prepared every child over the last five years with the cooperation and partnership of the parents and community.

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Our Goals for a Tadika Nemo Bestari child by 6 years old, is as follows:

- Good communication ( reading, writing and speaking) skills in
* English
* Bahasa Malaysia
* Mandarin
- Has a well balanced development in the areas of ;
* Spiritual
* Academic
* Physically
- Well developed ability to analyze and solve problems
- Has a balanced appreciation in the creative aspects of arts and music.
- Has a firm foundation for a life-long learning experience.
- Well equipped child in literacy and numerical areas.
- Nurture each child in his/her self-confidence and self esteem
- Nurture each child's curiosity, inquisitiveness and expressiveness on any given area.
- Nurture each child's good habits in safety and hygiene areas

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Tadika Nemo Bestari is a 4 Star rated kindergarten by MPSJ for cleanliness. Many of its children achieved Anak Cemerlang in Kebangsaan and Chinese type schools.

Reviewer profile
  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Value of Money
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Tadika Nemo Bestari is a caring preschool where children are nutured to reach their full potential. All teachers are qualified in Earlychildhood Diploma.