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  • Philimore was established in 1991, providing services as an employment agency for the recruitment of maids, workers and professional placement.
  • Philimore become the 1st agency in Malaysia awarded the prestigious ISO 9002 Quality Management System certification in Oct 2000; which was subsequently upgraded to ISO 9001-2000 in November 2001 and continuously maintenance and upgraded to be the best agency in Malaysia
  • Philimore is a fully licensed employment agency in Malaysia and is supported by a strong team of 80 staff to take care of the needs of the customer and all stakeholders.
  • Philimore is a registered member of Malaysian Association of Maids Agency - Persatuan Agensi Pembantu Rumah Asing (PAPA).

We set up own training center in Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia to ensure all maid's quality and performance to cater for the modern living requirements.

We train the maids all household activities such as cooking, cleaning, ironing and etc. Most important is mental training.

Service /Price Details

We provide quality Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia maids to take care of your needs.

We setup own training center in Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia to ensure the quality maids for you.

We help you to apply for:

  • New Maid
  • Recycle Maid
  • Transfer Maid
  • Formal Worker

We provide you:

  • Free legal advice on any maid matter
  • * Free Transportation for you full contract or existing maid
  • * Free Airport Transfer
  • * Cheap Air Ticket
  • Maid's insurance for personal accident & medical/hospitalization
  • Maid's salary remittance
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  • Experienced
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time

So far any comments on how long maid taken from reputable agency stay with the majikan. Runaway Maid

Reviewer profile
  • Experienced
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time

Philimore Maid Agency is a scam agency !!!!! Employer out there please beware!!!

Why the system is default min given a star!!! no star shall be given to this damn Philimore!!!

i am a victim who has paid a total RM21,500 and waited for 1 year and there is no sign of maid despite few selection done and excuses why they cancel the maid ... last reason i my maid run away at their hand and they want me to take their INSTANT MAID which i need to top up another RM2K!!!!