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Gynealogist: Dr. Nuguelis bt Razali At the end of Dec 2010, I did a HSG (hysterosalpingogram) test. The test is to check if I had a blockage at my fallopian tube. The result was normal. The procedure cost me RM 80. Then in Jan 2011, my hubby went for sperm count test. Its for semen analysis and to check the total sperm count, motility and morphology. The result was normal. The test only cost him RM 15. The following months, in Feb 2011, I went to PPUM for a blood test. First blood test was done on my second day of my mestrual cycle (D2). The second test was done on my 21 days of menstrual cycle(D21). The blood test is to check on my FSH and LH level (day 2) & TFT level (day 21). It turned out that I had hormone imbalance. The total cost for the blood test was RM 100 (RM 80 for D2) (RM 20 for D21).