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Had a horrible experience with her. She was actually on leave. Not friendly. No empathy whatsoever. To one extent she was kind of defensive i asked her things. My question was simple, if my son had that kind of seizure, how would that affect him? then she got defensive, saying no, we have to find the cause of seizure. Like she refused to explain that simple question. Also, why on earth the EEG session not recorded?? She had the nerve to ask me if i had recorded the session. I used to do EEG for my son and they recorded all the way. To match the wave on monitor with how my son reacts during the session. So dissapointing. Even told me that the cost at private is 3 times higher than gov. Seriously? Where is she going with that. Also, she asked me open youtube from my hp because she left her books in her clinics so cannot show me brain image. Overall not satisfied. She might be a specialist but really she should learn how to talk to a mother with sick baby. My baby is 3- month old. Its valid for me to ask questions, before i put him through whatever she suggested