Popular Confinement Centres in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor-Malaysia

As the saying goes, 'Giving birth is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have'. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman's life, after going through almost 10 months of waiting and suffering, the baby comes into the world. Traditionally, after 10 months of pregnancy, once a woman has given birth, the mother is expected to stay indoors and follow a complex set of rules to care for themselves. In other words, it literally means 'zou yue zi' or postnatal confinement.

It is believed that postnatal confinement is vital to a mother to recover their health and energy. Hence, most of the mothers are still practicing postnatal confinement. Some of the mothers are lucky to have their mother-in-law's to take care of their baby so that they can have enough of rest during the confinement period. However, many are not that lucky, most of the people are busy working for their livelihood, those elders also may not have enough time to care for the new born. Therefore, new mothers today choose to engage with confinement centre to ease their problems.

Confinement centres have become more popular in Malaysia in recent years to provide mothers with an option to go through postnatal confinement. Confinement centre is the place that provide mothers with professional service such as caring for the baby and mother, prepare confinement meals, teach mothers on how to take care of their baby and so on. Typically, smaller confinement centre can only take from 4 to 8 mothers to stay in; while larger confinement centre can look after 10 or even more mothers. It is not easy to reserve a place in a good confinement centre, therefore some mothers book such services as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed.

Confinement services provided by confinement centre can be very costly, some are charging RM9,000 or more for that 28 days period. Good confinement centre helps the mother to recover faster and take good care of the baby. However, things could go very wrong and unlucky as well. Hence, selecting the right confinement centre and doesn’t break their bank account is crucial for the parents. However, it is not an easy task for the parents to find the right confinement centre with great services. In order to help mothers or young parents in this matter, we have prepared the list of confinement centre in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor based on their reputation.

By the way, if you have doubt in choosing a confinement lady or confinement centre, this article may help you.

Kuala Lumpur

1. First Month Confinement Retreat Center

First Month Confinement Retreat Center picture 

First Month Confinement Retreat Center is a home style confinement service centre which is located in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. The surrounding the centre is good, most of the mothers are satisifed with it. Mei Ling is the founder of this centre, many mothers like her very much. Mei Ling has vast experience and knowledge in confinement care, she always shares it with those mothers who come to her.

Besides, the staffs in First Month Confinement Retreat Center are very expeirenced in breast-feeding, they will help mothers to solve the problems of insufficient breast milk and teach them how to breastfeed properly.

The service team here is vey friendly, if the father pays a visit to their wives they can request for meals, but it will incur extra charge. Moreover, fathers can choose to stay in the centre, but has to pay extra charges for meals and laundry.

The environement of this centre is quite good, and there is a garden whereh mothers can have a walk during their free time. Besides, there is wifi service and television, so the mothers will never feel bored.


2. Kabo Confinement Care Centre

Kabo Confinement Care Centre picture 

I guess one of the major problems of vegetarian new mothers is to find a vegetarian confinement centre, right? Kabo Confinement Care Centre which is located in Sunway SPK Damansara (beside Desa Park City) is one of the very few centres that offers vegetarian confinement services.

Kabo Confinement Care Centre has proffesional nurses to care for the mothers and their babies. Their rooms are well equipped and thoughtful, there is service bells in rooms and the baby room is installed with the latest camera which enables the mothers to see their baby and communicate with them.

Normally the confinement package of Kabo comes with postnatal massage and treatment to help mothers to regain their body shape or slim down faster. Moroever, breast-feeding is truly encouraged by the satffs here, they will teach mothers to handle different problems of breast-feeding.


3. Yuan Yuan Confinement Retreat Centre

Yuan Yuan Confinement Retreat Centre picture

Yuan Yuan Confinement Retreat Centre was founded in the year 2014, it is a confinement centre that encourages breast-feeding. The service team here can provide 24 hours of cares and servcices for mothers and babies. Hence, parents have no worry about insufficent rest during confinement period.

There is a pediatric clinic nearby the centre, if any undesirable accident happens, the team can deliver the baby or mother to hospital within 20 minutes. Mothers will not feel bored to stay in here because there are some entertainements and wifi service which mothers can enjoy. Another advantage of this centre is unlimited supply of baby diapers and laundry service.

Most of the mothers praised this confinement centre has the proffesional service quality like hospital. The confinement period is 28 days. Every room is installed with service bell that bring conveninence to mothers to call for helps.

The confinement package of Yuan Yuan Confinement Retreat Centre is much cheaper than others. Most importantly, they will not incur any extra charge during Chinese New Year, which could save a lot of money here for the parents.


4. Serenity Confinement Centre

Serenity Confinement Centre picture


Serenity Confinement Centre is located in Sri Petaling which combines traditional and cultural postnatal practices with modern medical expertise. They also have an experienced confinement lady, we also provide 24-hour nurse and doctor on-call coverage with daily doctor rounds. Their services included Regular Doctor Visits, 24-hour round the clock baby supervision by Qualified Nurses, Highly Secure Nursery with CCTV Surveillance & Security Door, Organic Baby Products, and etc.

By the way, the review given to them by the mom who tried their services is quite average.

5. Gina’s Place, Kuala Lumpur

Gina Place picture 

Gina's Place was founded by Gina Yong in April 2014. Gina is an excellent consultant for breast -feeding, she started to help new mothers on solving breast-feeding issues since 2003. There are a many mothers who learned the breast-feeding knowledge from her and they are able produce the breast milk rapidly to feed their babies under her teaching.

Gina's Place is located in the center of Kuala Lumpur, Taman Yarl. Mothers who engage the confinement service here can enjoy enough rest because there are experienced and certified nurses in this centre. Moreover, it also provide 24 hours on-call service to help the mothers.

Daphne is another consultant in this centre. Gina and Daphne will follow up the situation of mothers here frequently and also share their professional knowledge. Hence, mothers and babies are gets benefits with their help.

Oh! Let's share a good news with those fathers. Fathers are allowed to stay overnight in this centre to accompany their wives.

6. SHL Confinement Cares Sdn Bhd

SHL Confinement Cares picture

SHL Confinement Cares specialized in providing various Confinement Services and Postnatal Products to mothers during and after confinement. Their centre is located in Kepong. Their dedicated and experienced confinement lady helps and supports new mother throughout the confinement period. They offer confinement lady service, meals delivery, mini herbal soup bags and etc.

Most of the new mother leave a good comment for them after they tried SHL confinement service.


1. Nejlika Confinement Care Centre, Ampang

Nejlika Confinement Care Centre picture

Nejlika Confinement Care Centre is located in Ampang. It is a well known confinement centre that is the topic of many on the Internet! Almost everyone is satisfied with their excellent service, especially their guidance for mothers on breast-feeding. It has high performance level and is affordable. Hence, the package here is real value for your hard earn money.

Most of the mothers who signed the package with this centre are totally satisfied with the service, at the same time they will also recommend it to others. Perhaps, this is the reason why the good reputation of this confinement centre is well spread on the Internet.

In fact, Nejlika Confinement Care Centre is the first confinement centre in Malaysia which modernised the traditional confinement service. The service team of this confinement centre is very good, all of them have several profession certificates and qualifications which included doctors, TCM Physicians, pharmacist, nutritionist, certified postpartum consultant, certified lecturer of baby massage, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and certified nurses.

Nejlika Confinement Care Centre will held exhibition which related to new mothers from time to time. You can also 'like' its Facebook page to get more information.


2. Bondavilla Confinement Centre, Shah Alam

Bondavilla picture

Bondavilla is located in Shah Alam, Selangor. It is also confinement centre which encourage breast-feeding. Mothers in this confinement centre are able to have enough rest due to the reason that this confinement centre has 8 carers to provide mothers and babies with 24 hours service. Every room comes with a service bell for the mother to call carers for help. Fathers can also stay in this confinement centre to accompany the mothers.

Bondavilla is about 20% more expensive compared to other confinement centres. However, the service of Bondavilla is more outstanding. Well, you get what you paid for, whether its worth spending more for better quality service is really a personal choice.

One thing to note, there is a very experienced breast-feeding consultant will always be there in the centre, so if you visit Bondavilla, don't forget to learn some breast-feeding knowledge from her.


3. Daveleen/ Mom’s Paradise/Moms2b

Daveleen picture

It was founded by Dr. Goh Pei Ling in year 1999. The service team here is well-recognized for mothers as reliable service provider because they have went through professional tranining.

You can know more about the package here. The cost of confinement service fall within the range of RM200 to RM6,000. In addition, the confinement period in the package is 28 days. If you do not have enough cash on hand, you can go for the instalment payment method by using credit card. However, if the father wants to stay overnight to accompany his wife, there will be an additional charge for that.

Daveleen has almost 16 years experience in this industry, therefore the service quality has improved a lot compared to the old days. Apart from that, they have their own private label of confinement products, but these products are not part of the confinement packages.

Although there are some negative comments on Daveleen on the Internet, but those comments were from long time ago. By contrast, Daveleen received good reviews in recent years. If you experienced the confinement service of Daveleen in the past two years, you are more than welcome to share your experience with us.


4. Bellemom Mom & Baby Confinement Care Center, Puchong

Bellemom picture

Bellemom is located in Puchong, Selangor, and it is a double semi-detached bungalow in the peaceful residential area. The confinement package is 28 days, mainly focus on taking care of babies and mothers to regain her health and energy. Besides that, it provides the mothers with nutritious confinement products, postnatal massage and so on.

The area of the confinement centred located is well equipped, such as convenience store, hawker center, restaurants, police station and so on. The nearest hospital only takes 15 to 30 minutes journey by car. Other than that, the centre is on CCTV 24 hours. Of course, there is also wifi service and Astro to keep the mothers entertained.


5. Hearty Carnation Sdn Bhd, Subang Jaya

Heart Carnation picture

The founder of Heart Carnation Sdn Bhd is Madam Christin Cheng , and this centre was founded in year 2012. She is a Traditional Chinese physician, and her team has 11 members which includes experienced nurses and nannies. Her husband, Mr Simon Choo is the proficient senior Chinese physician who used to prepare traditional confinement meals for mothers according to their health conditions. Besides, the nannies here are all experienced in traditional Chinese way of confinement. The nannies will take turns to look after babies during day time and also night time.

It is located in SS14 Subang Jaya, Malaysia a double storey house. The transportation here is quite convenient. Although it is not a luxury confinement centre but hygienity of the place gains the credit. New mothers can enjoy their confinement period and those fathers can stay in without extra charge!

Heart Carnation Sdn Bhd claimed itself as the only centre which has TCM physicians to perform routine checkup for the mothers and prepare the suitable chinese medicines. Even so, their price is still affordable.

If you wish to stay in this confinement centre, we suggest you make a booking as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed as this place is almost always fully booked.