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I brought my little kitten Kasper to AMC the day after I adopted him. He was severely constipated. As he was only approximately 2 months old and had not yet been vaccinated or brought to a vet for any medical check-ups, we took him to get a thorough check. He was given laxatives and was admitted for a couple days. When he was able to pass stool and got better, we took him back. We closely monitored him and gave his medication etc as recommended by the vet . Days later, he was severely constipated again. This time around at AMC, they performed enema twice. Again, he was a little better and a few days later the same thing happened, he was once again constipated. This time around, the doctor pretty much advised us to put him to sleep stating that his condition was long term as they suspected that he suffered form a medical condition called megacolon. As my family and I were not willing to give up so quickly, we took Kasper to Gasing Veterinary for a 2nd opinion. They did everything they could and gave a much better explanation of Kasper's sickness. Although he did not make it, at least we know that as much as we tried to save him, he was a sick kitten and was suffering from a virus he most likely contracted possibly prior to us adopting him. If I had done as recommended by the vet, I would have gone on feeling very guilty for putting him to sleep not knowing if he could have made it or not. Also, most of the time,all vets at AMC were giving different recommendations and had different suggestions as to what Kasper was suffering from - far from what the actual cause of him being sick was. I would recommend Gasing Vet as a better animal hospital to go to as compared to AMC. I am extremely disappointed in how they did not take the initiative to care for Kasper as much as the other vet did at Gasing Vet. I would highly NOT recommend taking your dear pets to AMC for any medical treatment.