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ABX EXPRESS (M) SDN BHD (130250-H) started it's Malaysia and Brunei operations 29 years ago in Labuan and has since grown to service the whole nation through our own Network of 75 offices/service centers. We are a Bumiputra-owned company.

The injection of senior management from the major players in the industry, combined with a team of more than 800 trained staff countrywide, has enabled us to deliver quality service which even our competitors talk about.

Our logistics infrastructure enhances the partnership with our Customers through greater efficiency and productivity, ensuring cost-effective quality solutions.

ABX EXPRESS provides door-to-door express delivery of documents and packages.

Our state-of-the-art computer tracking system, can reveal the precise status of your packages from pick-up point to final destination.

ABX's express service is the most cost-effective convenient way to swiftly and safely dispatch your important business correspondence and package within Malaysia and the World. Our commitment is to give a little more than everyone else ......

Delivering Satisfaction Worldwide.


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  • Domestic Express Package (DEP)
  • Domestic Parcel Express (DPX)
  • Package Document Express (PDX)
  • Package Parcel Express (PPX)
  • Air freight
  • Cards & Bulk Distribution
  • Local Delivery
  • Mailroom Services
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ABX Cwgn Machang, Kelantan, dr 9hb Ogos terima brg shoppee utk dihantar kepada sy.. sehingga hari ni 16hb Ogos masih belum buat pghantaran. Dalam status tracking asyik out for delivery.. dan buat status pghantaran tqk dapat dibuat krn consignee tak jawab call. Menipu sgt2.. area sy ni coverage internet n line phone x bermasalah. Alamat peneri.a adalah alamat sekolah. Brgn akan diterima oleh security. Laporan security.. abx xde masuk htr brg dr tarikh yg didakwa sehingga sekarang. Mutu servis yg sangat teruk!

Reviewer profile
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  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
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Awas abx brg Sy Dr Sabah blm smpi2 lg...mmg ku kc viral kmu klu hari ni xsampai...biar kmu kena boikot..klu brg Sy rosak mmg Sy tuntut ganti Rugi..