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Just be extra careful engaging this law firm. Initially the sole proprietor will invite you to his law firm to convince clients that he has staff and the office is fully operational. Once he has taken your legal fees, he will remove all his office phone/fax numbers and his email off his law firm details from the bar council website. Then this lawyer will not do anything to represent clients. His law firm has signage display to showcase new clients that his office is operational but his office is closed at all time 24/7/365. Not a single souls works at his law firm. No other lawyers representing their clients shall be able to reach his office especially this con lawyer. Just be extra careful in your dealings with this fictitious law firm. Initially he will display his office/fax/email address on his law firm page on Bar Council website. Once he has gotten your money promising to pursue to represent you, he will then remove all the above details. This is the MO of this law firm in Jitra Kedah. Please be very careful before you become his next victim. Lodge your complaint against this lawyer with ASDB immediately !