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We are a one-stop daycare and tuition provider (for Primary & Secondary students) with the following traits:-
- daycare and tuition expert
- experienced, qualified and caring teachers
- comprehensive and tailor-made syllabus
- homework guidance
- nutritious meal
- student-oriented reward system

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My daughter has complained that the Sim-Gottlieb Road tuition teacher has thrown her workbook on the floor when she was unable to answer questions and beaten once with a pen which left a mark on her hand and hit on another day with a ruler. I have stated clearly when registering my daughter that no corporal/physical punishment is to be applied to my daughter. I am giving advice to whomever the teacher/principal who cannot control her temper with children to cease her assault, failing which, I will take this up with higher authority. Please take this seriously. If she cannot control herself, she should either find other business or employment.