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Before we print our footstep in this business, we were clear with our aspirations to make a difference in people’s lives as a whole. The world is a beautiful place to be enjoyed with a pair of healthy eyes and a grateful heart. We believe in living a holistic life where a grateful heart flourishes abundance of health and wealth. This is the vision and mindset that what we want to spread to our patients.

We began operation on 5 May 2014. Our main service was corneal refractive surgeries; ReLEx-SMILE (Refractive Lenticule Extraction-Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) and FemtoLASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis). From here, we grew to become one of the fastest growing eye centre with a high refractive procedures done in a single centre today. In less than two years, we were able to broaden our services for cataract and diabetic eye diseases in mid-2015.

We constantly strive to expand our business and explore other areas of eye services, and this exciting venture is led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Addaem Chandran. What inspires and motivates us are the smiles and laughter of patients who experienced optimum vision following the treatment. Our dedicated staff and consultant ophthalmologists go the extra mile to provide you with the finest experience and service. Holding on to our slogan of “Correcting Your Sight, Improving Your Vision In Life,” we continually bring awareness to the patients and public on the importance of a healthy eye.

1) Call 03-87415138 (8.30am - 6pm MON-FRI)
2) SMS name & appointment date at 0178771819 - EVERYDAY

Payment by cash/credit card
(all credit card are acceptable for single payment)

Waze application search : Kondominium Pearl Avenue Sungai Chua

Service /Price Details



    • Comprehensive Eye Chek-up


    • Relex-Smile & Lasik


    • Cataract treatment


    • Refractive Lens Exchange


    • Phakic IOL Implantation


    • Anti-VEGF


    • PRP Laser


    • YAG Laser


    • Pteryglum


    • Vitreoretinal Surgery


Price for cataract surgery:


RM4200-RM12000 per eye (depends on patient eye condition and lens they use)


Booking Duration: 1 week - 1 1/2 months


Recovery Duration: 1 week ++

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16.05.16 ~ Terima kasih Prof. Muhaya with the ReLEx-SMILE painless procedure hari ini. Happy dapat berinteraksi with Prof. personally .. bersyukur alhamdullilah YA ALLAH.. telah dapat merealisasikan impian NYA.
Reviewer profile
  • Experienced
  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time

friendly receptionist.. the doctor is also well experienced and friendly. she does seminars as well on eye health.. the price is affordable at this clinic..