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Ricky became Diamond at the 24 years old. The youngest Diamond in the world that time.

Success Story

1973 – started as an apprentice in Ipoh for only RM1.50 a day.

1976 – lone-ranger;on my way to Kuala Lumpur in pursuit of my dreams.

February 1979 – my entire life changed after joining Amway. I was always on the go, leading an even busier life than my days as an employee. It was difficult at first; I had worked hard and persisted long enough, but still failed to yield any result or to generate income. My confidence was put to test, and the impact on me was enormous. For a fleeting second, I entertained the thought of running away and giving up. However, I managed to see the light beyond the tunnel and travelled on my own to Kuala Lumpur to pursue my dreams! “I must not quit without achieving my goals!” Failure was not an option – achieving my dreams was and will always be the only acceptable outcome. From then on, I realised the key to success lies in having utmost grit and determination.

1980 – Experienced immense positive changes in my lifestyle and financial plight.

1981– Started to fulfill my globe-trotting dreams with Amway where we spent countless wonderful times together.

1982 – At last, I successfully clinched the much coveted Diamond pin and began living a colourful life thereafter.

From 1982 to 2005, my everyday life took on a brisk yet fulfilling pace, there were challenges but also memorable moments of unending joy. You may wonder, in my position today, could there be any more challenges to face? As a matter of fact, life itself is a test that never falls short of challenges and legends. There are bound to be challenges as long as your demands and expectations towards life are high. Let me share with you my life experience. Despite my impoverished childhood, I had managed to overcome various setbacks and learn to survive under poverty-stricken circumstances. Those difficult times have taught me that destitution and suffering are the building blocks for true confidence and self development. Don’t give up; face up to each challenge and adversity to savour the fruits of success.

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