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Nationwide Express has been ranked as the most preferred courier company in an independent survey carried out by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). Our brand has also been awarded the Best Malaysia Brand 2004 in the logistics category at the International Brand Consumer Fair (IBCOF) 2004. We were successfully selected as the 2005 Superbrands of Malaysia and recently won the Brandlaureate 2006/2007 for being the Best Brand in Courier – Logistics (Malaysia). So, "Nationwide Express" your shipments anywhere and anytime, for ‘When It Is Nationwide Express, It Is As Good As There”.

Nationwide Express principal activity is a courier service provider. It meets the demand for fast, efficient and reliable service for the speedy transfer of light-weight and high value goods between locations. To date it has a total of 180 networks, comprising of branches and agents all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Its wholly owned subsidiary companies are Nationwide Express Courier Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Nationwide Express Freight Forwarders Sdn. Bhd. and Nationwide Express Metro Sdn Bhd engaged in courier business, freight forwarding and handling of high value shipment respectively.



Service /Price Details

Courier Services Charges :

Area Per 1 kg Additional 1 kg
Within Peninsular Malaysia  RM7.00 RM1.50
Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia RM12.00 RM10.00
East Malaysia To Peninsular Malaysia RM12.00 RM10.00



Area Per 500 g Additional 500 g
Within Peninsular Malaysia  RM6.00 RM2.50
Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia RM10.00 RM9.00
East Malaysia To Peninsular Malaysia RM10.00 RM9.00

*All prices quoted are subject to 15% Fuel Surcharge, 15% Handling Fee and Goods and Services Tax of 6%


Other services :

  • Customized/Special Handling
  • Frieght Forwarding Services
  • Retail Products and Solutions
  • Express MetroBox order from NationCover
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  • Area of Coverage
  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time

Nationwide ni belah manaaaa woi ! Bermasalah betullah. Barang aku dah seminggu sampai kat situ. Kalau tak boleh hanta ke rumah call laa bagitau. Ni diam menyepi je. Location pun tahh pape, kat waze dengan maps tunjuk kat taman triang maju. Tapi xde pun. Nombor tel pun salah

Reviewer profile
  • Area of Coverage
  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time

Servis cam bodo, tepon cawangan Butterworth dekat 10 kali x dak orang angkat.

Bila telefon center nationwide diaorang cakap cawangan butterworth memang susah angkat phone...alasan yg bodo...x kan kurier besar mcm ni servis teruk...alasan susah angkat phone, why? X cukup orang keja kalau p ambik orang keja...jangan menyusahkan customer...bila phone nationwide center cakap akan inform pada cawangan butterworth dan dia orang akan call secepat mungkin, tapi dah 4 hari x dak feed back, dan kalau campur tempoh barang sampai dekat cawangan bagan dah seminggu...nak suruh customer ambik sendiri ka? Rugi duit orang yg bayar nak buat penghataran guna nationwide.. customer pulak habis kreadit call sana sini..x kan nak kena p ambik sendiri pulak..rugi duit minyak lagi tambah buang masa