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This is a shop that provide relaxation & therapeutic services

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Their full body massage for 60 minutes, which is what I always have there, is RM60. it is a really cheap price, but for the type of massage that I like, I think it's worth the price.Do note that the masseurs here give very hard pressure massage, so you might want to tell your masseur before the massage start if you don't want yours to be too painful. But, trust me, if you are able to bear the pain, you will feel so so relieved after that, which is why I kept going back to them!However, they don't really have a shower area for you after your oil massage, they only let you wipe yourself with a big towel after the massage and the massage areas are only separated by curtains. But, for me, I think it's all fine as the place is in no way dodgy still. And i feel alright myself after wiping myself up after the oil massage. Oh yea, their head massage here are really good too! And their foot massage are very demanded and you will usually see crowd out there enjoying their foot massages. You can combine your foot massage with shoulder massage too, which I always thought it look pretty every time I pass by the foot and shoulder massage area.Some of the masseurs here will use their own aroma oil for you during massage too, but not everyone of them. So, just see if you're lucky to get that