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Hi, I would like to highlight my displeasure on your staff at the SS2 outlet. I went in this morning to drop of some old clothes for your charity project but was informed that you do not do it anymore... Anyway, since I was there and I got a message informing of the promotion "spend RM50 in a receipt to get RM5", I decided to browse thru to see if there are anything I needed. Before starting, I enquired your staff if the promotion is still valid and she said it was the last day for it TODAY. I proceed to shop for my things. As I was paying, the cashier told me that I was short by about 30 cents to the minimum of RM50 to be eligible for the promotion. So, I went to pick up another product to make my purchase above RM50. After I paid, I was not given the RM5 voucher. I scanned through the receipt to see if probably it has been credited into my account or something. But NO, it was not. Then, I went to ask the cashier for the RM5 voucher in which she replied that the promotion is over. I was pissed that she has the cheek to answer me so when she made me pick up another item to reach the RM50 and then said that the promotion was over AFTER I paid for my things? I questioned the other staff who confirmed that the last day of the promotion was TODAY and she said it was yesterday instead. And had that nerve to denied that she said is was today. Come on, don't bother wasting so much money on advertising and promotion on radio and etc. if this is the way your staff are doing the sales. Do your sales with a "heart" / conscious as you are a health product retailer; can you feel good if your sales is made through such method?