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Dr Shamala S. Ganesan graduated from Universiti Malaya with MBBS in 1994. She completed her Master in Surgery (Ophthalmology) (UM) and Master in Medicine (Ophthalmology) (NUS) in 2002. She also received her fellowship in Ophthalmology, FRCS (Edin) in 2002.
Speciality           : Ophthalmology
Clinic                  : Ophthalmology  Clinic
Location              : 3B, Level 3
Language(s)         : Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tamil

1.General Eye Care & Vision Evaluation
2. Glaucoma Screening & Follow up
3. Pediatric Eye Care
4. Diabetic Eye Disease Evaluation
5. Corneal Disease
6. Ocular Surface diseases
7. Dry Eye Management
8. Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)


1. Argon Laser & YAG Laser Treatment
2. Lid Surgery, Wart, Stye & Mole Removal
3. LASIK surgery
4. Glaucoma Lasers treatment
5. iContact Lens (Correction of Shortsightedness, Longsightedness and Astigmatism)
6. Reading Vision Correction (Lasik and Refractive Lens exchange )
7 Corneal Transplantation ( Full Penetrating Keratoplasty / Lamellar Grafts )
8. AVEDRO Collagen Cross Linking Epithelium On
9. Cataract surgery / Refractive Phacoemulsification with Multifocal / Multifocal Toric / monofocal / Monofocal toric Intraocular Lens.
10. Intravitreal Injection for Wet ARMD
11. Pterygium Excision with Limbal Graft and tissue glue

Service /Price Details


Monofocal= RM10000 - RM12000

Multifocal= RM13000 ++

LASIK: RM7000 - RM8000

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doktor yang teliti.. suka servis yang diberi.. harga mahal sangat2.. nasib baik company yang tanggung.. xdalah terasa sgt.. hehe

Reviewer profile
  • Experienced
  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time
I booked an appointment with Dr. Shamala who is in charge of the Bangsar and Subang VISTA centers. It was my first time here so I felt a bit nervous! Everything looks so professional compared to my last eye health check at an optical shop.