Dr. Pue Leng Boi, Pauline


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I was referred by SJMC doctor to her as there is a 3cm growth in my uterus (through ultrasound) which they think is lipoma?. She did an ultrasound and confirms the 3cm growth which she says is unusual to be lipoma and also found a 4 cm fibroid.

Since I was menopause, she advised me to have an operation to take out my uterus, cervix and ovaries as well. I asked whether ovaries provides the estrogen needed but since I am menopause, it won't matter and is better to take out the ovaries to avoid ovarian cancer. There are 2 methods and one is done through vagina opening which is less painful and able to recovery faster. Although she is able to answer the questions, to me she does not project that friendliness and care I needed. I also find her answers are direct and short as if she just wants to rush through her next patient. I find her solution just too drastic and does not provide all alternatives such as laparoscopy. I searched through the internet of the different options that is available including the pros and cons which she did not discuss all this with me to allow me to see whether this is the right option for me. Probably it will take too long. I am definitely getting second opinion. Will I see her again? Sorry no. This is just me. To give the benefit of doubt, she may be good with other patients but not for me as first timer.