Dr. Jimmy Tang Sek Cheong

  • Career :Gynaecologist

  • Nombor Telefon : +60342568818

  • Fax : +60342568818

  • Suite 310, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, 286 & 288, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur


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I highly recommend Dr. Jimmy Tang (O&G) in Gleneagles AMpang,K.L.

I remembered few months back I was diagnosed with Left Large ovarian cyst about 10 cm .I presented with lower abdomen pain on and off without any irregular periods.My ca125 was high and I was advised by my GP to remove my ovarian cyst . I was so scared because i really did not know who to look for ,until i discussed with my elder sister and she recommended me to DR.Jimmy Tang.

Dr.Jimmy Tang explained to me about risks and complications if without surgery performed.He explained how the procedure will be done and of course the risks and complications too.

I decided to do my operation under him .Though I was really worried about the outcomes and risks may occured on me .

Dr Jimmy gave me strong mental supports ,confidence and cares. My operation was successfully done .

I would like to thank him for his skills and excellent care . And I really feel blessed that he is my doctor .May God bless him always.

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Dr Jimmy tang is a good doctor, he respects people regardless who they are, he cares and supports patients and their loved one.. he provides latest and best medical information,while respecting their individual values and preferences. He let patients talk and listens to them carefully and give unbiased advice after discussing with his patients.

Nowadays.. .. is not easy to get such a good doctor like him . I m thankful to him .. for saving my uterus.. when I was 22.. Without he concerned n proper management.. I might not have my 2 lovely kids. I want to tell him that he is an extraordinary doctor I have met .Thank you once again for everything.May Good bless you always.

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We highly, highly recommend Dr. Jimmy Tang (O&G) in Gleneagles who handled the emergency C section birth of our son. British public school educated and medically trained and specialised for good number of years in the UK. You can find him on the third floor of the consultants block. Five years down the road and he is still attending our sproglets birthday do. Oh, we got the itemised bill tucked away somewhere ..... Mummy stayed in a 1 bed only suite for 8 days (duration of stay due to own choice and not for medical reason!), had a c section, epidural, etc. Total was about M$8,000 . Dr. Jimmys portion wasnt much; the bulk of it went to hospital charges, medication taken off the pharmacy, paediatric ward visits, etc. Give the good doc a tinkle. Very approachable person and not the sort of bloke who would flinch when you ask for an idea of $$$. Will touch base again if we could find the bill. Must have been locked up in one of the safes so that we can show the boy later in life how much he cost us !