Dr. Francis Ting Siew Sieng


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Just 15 minutes waiting because there was just one patient before me and none after me but the experience with him was really out of my expectation. I went to consult him about my lumbar spine stenosis. I showed him a very comprehensive a Singapore spine surgeon report based on a MRI in 2008. I told him my sciatic pain with numbness was getting worse and more frequent. He just asked if I also had it during walking or sleeping. I told him only if and after I lifted heavy stuff. Dr Ting made no clinical examination on me. He was seated in his chair like he was glued there throughout the session. I felt I wasted my time and my money of RM139 on him. He is quite friendly but I was totally disappointed by his clinical attitude. I expected he made full clinical examination on me and gave me positive advice like whether I should really need a MRI and what I should do and avoid to do from now on so as not aggravate the condition. I don’t think he had made any clinical on me as I didn’t see writing anything throughout the time he saw me. I also expected him to advise me to follow up with him or another spine surgeon.