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My friend's father, uncle Yap, visited him two years ago after referenced by Dato Dr. Andrew Chua (gastroenterologist). At first, he went to see Dato Dr. Andrew for constipation problem but ended up having kidney imaging doubts which was due to a long term prostate issue with peeing issue. So uncle Yap went to see Dr. Ding to resolve the prostate problem. But at first, it was the kidney having problem which was dipped in the urine due to reverse flow of the urine because of the prostate enlargement obstructing the urine flow. So, the kidney was first fixed by puncturing holes to drained out the urine, then two weeks later, the prostate enlargement problem was attended. The radiology Dr. didn't manage to catch the abnormality of the kidney image but Dr. Ding did and argued sternly that the kidneys were dipped in urine which can cause damaged to the kidney. Because of this, i took my father to visit him at his clinic. The fee is on the higher side. He doesn't explain much about the medicine. I had to google them. They were vitamins and another is a medicine to ease the muscle for urination. I prefer not too many medications because my dad has kidney failure problem. At first, Dr. Ding doesn't say much, very much focus on diagnosing my dad's problem, which I also prefer that way. Shouldn't talk when carrying out diagnosis. May miss interpret symptoms. Then when he was done, we started to chat. He was friendly. So, if money is not an issue, then go see him. He is experienced. Good doctors don't come cheap and still have a lot of patient to see him.