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My family member was in a critical accident and we seek help from Dr.Chee. Granted, he's sarcastic and sometimes didn't give a direct answer to your question. But he's very professional and definitely knows what he's doing. Compared to the doctor and treatment we received from Gov Hospital, he's much more helpful.

Just some points that I would like to mention:

1. The accident took place in another state, not Melaka. We were worried and thinking to transfer the patient to Melaka and texted and called the Doctor several times. I'm sure he was busy as it was working hours but he attended to every question that we asked.

2. We arrived at the hospital around 11pm and guess what? He's there, ready and did a full check up immediately.

3. The next day he identified and explain to us the issue (which the doctor from another hospital didn't notice) and operated on it.

Not sure whether you'll see this or not Doctor, but we are very grateful. Thank you.

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Dr. Chee Wee Liam is a Life Member of the Neurosurgical Association Of Malaysia.