Usage of KADS1M (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia)


For the past few years, students in tertiary education have been receiving the 1Malaysia Book Voucher or Bantuan Buku 1Malaysia (BB1M) as the government aims to help the students to reduce the burden of academic books cost and others costs.

In 2017, the new KADS1M is replacing the 1Malaysia Book Voucher or Bantuan Buku 1Malaysia (BB1M) which students from public institutions (IPTA) and private universities (IPTS) are entitled to a RM250 assistance which will be credited directly into a Bank Rakyat account on this year. The online application for KADS1M was closed on 31 March 2017.

In addition to the RM250, students will also get discounts when using the KADS1M to buy the products and services that are listed and are subjected to the conditions set by the participating companies and merchants. More information about discounts for products and services, please check in below.


**2 ways for checking the status of application KADS1M?**

Check through online

Start from 1 Jun 2017:

  1. Access to the link of
  2. Insert your IC number
  3. Click ‘Semak

Check through calling

  1. Call the Bank Rakyat Hotline number 1 300 80 5454
  2. Choose the language
  3. Insert “1” for status application for KADS1M
  4. Insert IC number and wait until your call is pick up by the Bank Rakyat staff
  5. Inform the Bank Rakyat staff that you want to check the status of application for KADS1M
  6. Give the information that are needed by the Bank Rakyat Staff     
  7. If your application is not available in the system, you can ask from the Bank Rakyat staff on how to solve the problem.
  8. If your application is available in the system, you only need to wait for the instruction from Bank Rakyat.

                                                                   Operation time of Bank Rakyat picture                     

                                                                   Picture 1: Operation time of Bank Rakyat


Step 1: If you receive email from Bank Rakyat that your application of KADS1M is approved, you need to prepare the documents that are listed in the e-mail and collect the KADS1M at the bank branch which is stated in the e-mail.

Step 2: Go to Bank Rakyat branch and wait for your turn.

Step 3: Give your IC, student card, and printed email to the staff in Bank Rakyat.

Step 4: After you sign the form, make a thumbprint confirmation and Bank Rakyat’s staff will give a letter that have information of KADS1M and password.

Step 5: Wait for your turn to collect the KADS1M

Step 6: Go to the ATM machine or CDM directly to change the password for your KADS1M.





1.      MPH Bookstores

2.      Borders (only at KL)

3.      Imlaq Book Centre

4.      Rona

5.      Koperasi Universiti Sains Malaysia Berhad

6.      Koperasi Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Malaysia Berhad

7.      Koperasi Kedai Buku Universiti Malaya Berhad

8.      Kiang Trading

*Kiang Trading – Discount 10% for all products, except the products for promotion, Photostat, binding.



1.      Bata

2.      Koperasi Keluarga Dato’ Haji Hashim Mamat Kuala Terengganu Berhad

3.      Texline Lino

4.      Ifamily

*Bata – Discount 10% for specified products only.

*Koperasi Keluarga Dato’ Haji Hashim Mamat Kuala Terengganu Berhad – Discount 10% until 45% for the specified products.


1. Batik Apparel

• 30% (Cotton shirt VIP white/color)

• 15% (Crepe shirt /satin long sleeve)

• 10% (Kain pasang sutera crepe/ jacquard)

• 30% (Kain pasang cotton/fuji)

• 25% (Kaftan)


2. Songket

• 45% (Songket sutera Terengganu berpokok)

• 45% (Songket sutera Terengganu berpagar)


3. Samping

• 20% (Corak istana)

• 20% (Corak bunga abor)



1.      Poliklinik An-Nisa’

2.      Qualitas Health

3.      Focus Point

4.      Menara Optometry

Food and drinks


1.      KFC

2.      A&W

3.      The Chicken Rice Shop

4.      Daily Fresh

5.      Bangi Kopitiam

6.      Restoran Kenny Crab

7.      Coffee Berry

8.      Pancake House International

9.      My Java Coffee

10.  Station One Product

11.  The Chicken Rice Shop

12.  Station One Product

13.  Sweet Chat

14.  Legend’s Claypot Briyani House

15.  Dubu Dubu Seoul Food

16.  Gloria Jean’s Coffees

KFC – Discount 5%


1. For each transaction except the product showing a discount.

2. Transaction does not exceed RM20.00.

A&W – -Discount 50% discount on any Rootbeer beverage purchases, excluding 2 litre bottles.



1.      Ancasa Hotels & Resorts

2.      Ancasa Hotel & Spa Kuala Lumpur

3.      Ancasa Express Pudu

4.      Ancasa Allsuites Resort & Spa Port Dickson

5.      Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd

6.      Leo Express Hotel

7.      Koperasi Al-Taqwa Kampung Kisap Langkawi Berhad

8.      Jerejak Rainforest Resort Penang

9.      Rakyat Travel Sdn. Bhd.

10.  Koperasi Majlis Guru Ugama Menengah Berhad

11.  Koperasi Guru-guru Melayu Kedah Berhad

12.  Koperasi Melayu Berjawatan Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan Berhad

* Tune Hotels Regional Services Sdn Bhd – Discount 25% for room only.

Salon / Center / Beauty Products


1.      Clara

2.      Foot Master

3.      Proactiv

4.      Koperasi Putri Terbilang Malaysia Berhad

5.      Paris Hill

*Foot Master – Discount 30%

*Proactiv – Discount 5%


1. Valid used at Proactiv boutiques in Publika, Solaris Dutamas and Galaxy Ampang only

2. Not valid for other offers or promotions

3. Not valid during event / roadshow

4. Discounts: -

• Basic set of Proactiv RM 199.90 – 5% discount

• Basic set of Proactiv RM 199.90 and single item – total discount of 5%

• All single items – 5% discount

IT Product

1.      Koperasi Celcom Berhad

2.      Koperasi Pegawai-Pegawai Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Berhad

*Koperasi Celcom Berhad – Discount 2% until 5% to the specified product.


1. NOKIA brand mobile phone – 2% for every purchase

2. KOPCEL Shoppe – 5% for ‘Non PLU product. (example: snacks such as steamed corn, mineral water and fried foods)

3. KOPCEL Best product range – 5% for each purchase unit except within the promotional period


1.      Mydin

2.      Bkz Bikerz

3.      Koperasi Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Balik Pulau Berhad

4.      Roller Star Arena

5.      Koperasi Kakitangan Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia Berhad

6.      Double Site

*Bkz Bikerz – Discount RM100 for used motorcycle and RM200 discount for new motorcycle purchase BKZ

Discount 10% – 20% at the price of motorcycle accessories

Rent a motorcycle from RM80.00 per month

Free employee wage charges for safety checking



  1. This KADS1M will be provided free of charge to students who passed the application in the first year. For the following year, students will have to pay a fee of RM5 to stay active for this debit card.
  2. This card needs to be renewed every 3 years.
  3. This debit card can be used to purchase books, stationary, computer equipment and also to access the internet.
  4. Maximum withdrawal is RM240. If you want to withdraw RM 250 completely, you can deal with Bank Rakyat staff to close the account directly.


We hope this information will help you to successfully apply KADS1M and solve the problems you have encountered.

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