Petrol Price RON95

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Month Prediction Actual Price
5-11 October 2.178 RM2.19
12-18 October 2.170 RM2.16
19-25 October 2.172 RM2.17
26 October-1 Nov 2.195 RM2.20
2-8 Nov 2.233 RM2.24
9-15 Nov 2.310 RM2.31

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Malaysia government has scrapped the fuel subsidy system since 2014, and petrol price will now be following the international fuel price (but not entirely depending on it). From 29th of March onwards, pertol price in Malaysia will be announced every Wednesday, which taking effect on every Thursday. Find out the weekly petrol price prediction by following us. We'll calculate for you and update our petrol price data a few times a week so you can save your time and your money. 

Although the Crude Oil Price is available freely on real time basis, we can only guess the petrol price for next week as government has never announce the actual formula used to calculate the RON95 price. Also, crude oil price is just one of the components that affect the pump price.

Now that government decided to announce the new petrol price every week, my work to predict the petrol price has just increase by 4 times! However, I will follow suit and try my best to predict the latest weekly petrol price for you. On top of that you can check my prediction for RON95, RON97 and Diesel every week on the respective links, and I will update this page at least few times a week to bring you the latest prediction. My prediction is based on a computerised formula, which include the daily closing MOTAS 95 and BNM USD/ Ringgit price, so do come back from time to time to check the latest prediction.

The forecast petrol price is not 100% correct but shall have less than 2 sen deviation in average based on my analysis. The petrol price is subjected to the sudden change of Government subsidy and new system implemented. The calculation is include short term and medium term of refined oil and Ringgit versus USD. Hopefully this estimation is helpful to you.

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