Little Guide on hiring part time cleaner or maid in Kuala Lumpur


Don’t want to spend more than a thousand every month to hire a stay-in maid, but too tired to do house chores after a long day work? Hiring a part time maid may be your option. In fact, it is getting popular among Malaysian now, especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s a little list of things that you might want to know about hiring part time maid in KL.

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There are two type service providers here, agents and individuals. Both have its pros and cons.


Cleaning company or agency


In general, you feel safer because at least you know who you are dealing with and you rely on the due diligent check that the agent company has done on their cleaners. Rate starts from RM20 per hour for one cleaner, typically minimum hour is 4. Some offer minimum 2 hours for 2 cleaners, which make it RM40 per hour. In summary, you can assume that you need to fork out RM80 for a session, whether it will be a 2 hour or 4 hours session, it depends on your choice and the agent’s offer.

Most agents offer only cleaning service, such a routine household cleaning or before and after move in/out  cleaning and does NOT offer cooking service, even if you are willing to pay for it.

Nowadays there are many new companies allow you to book their service online or via mobile phone app, here’s the list of companies that I found:

      • Kaodim – hook you up with many service providers, including part time maid/cleaner
      • Servishero (mobile app also) – similar with kaodim, but it has an app too


Independent cleaner/maid

Or you can also deal with the part time maid directly, most of them are Indonesian or Pilipino, but some of them are local Malaysian as well. In terms of fee, individual part time maids charge about the same with agent, also starting from RM20 per hour.

The main issue will be you are not sure if you could trust them since you do not know them, so it would be prudent to hire those that others had tried or recommended their services. Another thing is that usually they don’t have own transport, so their area of coverage is limited, which is either near the place they stay, or area nearby LRT stations.

The good thing about hiring individual directly is that their schedule is more flexible, and they don’t mind to cook for you as well, which could be a huge plus point for some working couple. Besides, they are also more lenient about the minimum hours, some are OK with working for 2 hours per session.

Here’s the list of where you can find individual part time maid:

    • Part time maid– a popular facebook page that many part time maids and clients looking for cleaning service hang around
    • – list of part time maids that cover the most of klang valley
    • – online platform that connects independent maids with clients

Good luck finding the little helper that you need, and let me know if you think I missed anything important by emailing us here