List of Malaysia Government and NGO Counselling Centres


           Have you ever feel regret for being too late to care the people around you? I guess you would not miss any single chance to care for them, if another opportunity is given. I’m sure you would not choose to ignore their depression, sadness, pressure and any other signal for help. Perhaps, you have tried to understand and help them, but you see little effect on them. If you know these information below, maybe you are more able to offer a helping hand.

            The word “counselling centre” is familiar to everyone, but some people resist seeking help from counselling centre. They thought call or visit the counselling centre show they are “problematic, unhealthy or mentally weak”. In fact, that kind of thinking is quite outdated, seeking help from counselling centre is a good use of resources to improve ourselves and help us to be more optimistic.

            Government counselling departments in Malaysia usually will communicate in Malay and English, but their counselling services are free of charge. On the other hand, most of the counselling service given by non-profit organisation departments are free and some collect counselling fee in term of donation as operating capital. They provide more choices in terms of languages such as Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and so on.

            The information below is the list of government counselling departments and non-profit/non-government counselling organisations. (Remark: Click the blue title of each counselling department, you are know more information such as address and contact numbers.)

Counselling Departments of Malaysia Government

  1. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat

Provide different kind of counselling method which includes face to face counselling, group counselling, marital counselling and online counselling.

You can also call, write a letter or email to them to have the counselling services. If you wish to have face-to-face counselling, you are encouraged to call their helpline to make an appointment. Besides, the counsellors have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling qualification to help you.


  1. Pusat Telekaunseling DBKL

Provide face-to-face counselling and online counselling. The counselling helpline service (1800-88-2600) is available for 24 hours daily. 


  1. Department of Psychology Counselling, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Hospital Kuala Lumpur also provide counselling service, but it needs a recommendation letter from doctor to have the face-to-face counselling.


  1. Kaunseling Keluarga & Perkahwinan, LPPKN

This department has different hotline numbers in many states. If you wish to have face-to-face counselling, you can call or email to to make an appointment. They can communicate in Mandarin, English and Malay.


Counselling Services of Non-Profit/Non-Government Organisation

  1. Befrienders KL

Provide 24 hours counselling helpline, their tagline is “When the world shut you out, we are still open”. They provide free counselling service, the staffs are able to communicate in many languages such as English, Malay, Mandarin and other dialects.


  1. Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare

Free counselling service, it collects donation to support the operating cost. This association cover variety area of counselling such as individual, career, relationship, family and marital. They are able to communicate in Mandarin, Malay and English.


  1. Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia

This centre provide counselling service with charge and the types of counselling includes face-to-face counselling, tele counselling, email counselling and few therapies. In Malaysia, there are total of 5 Agape Counselling Centres. They can communicate in Mandarin and English.


  1. Akasha Learning Companionship Association of Malaysia

They offer counselling service in Mandarin and it is free of charge. They conduct individual counselling discuss family, marital and mental health problems.  


  1. BGF Counseling Unit and Welfare

They provide free counselling service in English, and also variety types of course such as free tuition for orphan, Qi Gong. Yoga classes and Marital Education Programme.


  1. CLM Counseling and Care

The main objective of this centre is to offer counselling service for people in need, but if you have the financial ability you are encourage to donate for them according to the fee.


  1. Eden Community Service Center

This non-profit organisation provides community based services such as counselling, tuition programs, youth activities and training.


  1. Focus on the Family Malaysia

Free counselling service such as face-to-face, email and phone. You are encouraged to call or email them to make a counselling appointment.


  1. Keys Careforce Berhad

They provide face-to-face counselling and tele counselling on Thursday and Friday every weeks. Besides, they able to communicate and understand English and Mandarin.


  1. Kluang Buddhist Society PELITA Counselling Centre

Offers free face-to-face counselling service in Mandarin.


  1. Kuching Bodhi Counselling Centre

This centre provides counselling service in English and Mandarin, the counselling methods include face-to-face, telephone and email.


  1. Life Line Association Malaysia

It conducts counselling service in Mandarin such as email counselling and face-to face counselling. It also held several social care workshops and talks.


  1. Malaysia PELITA Psychological Guidance Unit

Counselling service is conducted in Mandarin, which includes tele counselling, email counselling and face-to-face counselling. Their counselling services are free of charge.


  1. New Era College Counselling Centre

They provide number of services such as individual face-to-face counselling, group counselling, psychological assessment, mental health education activities and peer counselling. These services are free for its staffs and students but incurred charge for outsiders. 


  1. Pahang Buddhist Association PELITA Counselling Centre

Conduct tele counselling and face-to-face counselling in Mandarin.


  1. Persatuan Pengajian Agama Buddha Kulai  

Offers face-to-face counselling service in Mandarin. It is free of charge but you need to call for making appointment in advanced.


  1. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru Manjung

Provide “Love in The House Channel” tele counselling. If you are interested in face-to-face counselling, you need to call for making an appointment. 

 18. Pusat Kaunseling Agape Kota Kinabalu

This association cares the society and give community counselling service for the public.

19. Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia

It organises a series of Satir Model and self-development courses such as counselling, marital and family therapy, parenting education and consultation. Their services are free of charge and are communicating in Mandarin.  

 20. Sincere Centre Miri

It provides face-to-face counselling, email counselling and letter counselling. The counselling areas include relationship, parenting, marital and mental pressure.

21. Dewan Perhimpunan Cina Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor

This association is managed by a group of experienced and passion volunteers. They provide counselling service and legal consultation in Mandarin.

 22. Negeri Sembilan Chinese Town Hall Counseling Center

It provides individual counselling service on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are able to communicate in Mandarin and English.

 23. Sibu Happiness Centre

This wellness centre offer tele counselling in every night of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (Except public holiday), the time is from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. The language used is Mandarin.

If you have other counselling services information from government and non-profit organisation, please comment on our post so that these important information can be shared in the public. Besides, if you wish to know more about the counselling centres for women and children, you can read this article. Don’t forget to share this information with your love one and the people around you, this information may save a life!