Fun and educational activities to play with kids this school holiday


School holiday is just around the corner, what's your plan for your children? Please do not send them to extra tuition class, spend time with them and give them a real childhood. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, here’s a list of games that you can play with them:


  1. Treasure hunt

You need to spend some time to prepare this preparation but I guarantee it will be well worth your time. This is a great game to play with kids, it gets them moving around the house instead of sticking to the TV or tablets. First, plan and write a few clues for your treasure hunt, depending on the age of your children, you may use drawing, simple instruction or even riddles. What I usually do is to hand them the first clue, which will then lead them to the place where the second clue is hidden.


For example, my first clue is 'The next clue is hidden in a magical world, keeping them away from muggles', which I hide the second clue in one of the Harry Potter books. Then second clue is 'It is guarded by ancient China beasts', which I hide it under the jade dragon decorative that my father bought from China. Third clue is 'this is the coolest place in this house', which is the fridge. Now you get the idea. If you need more ideas, this is a good example, and this

Try to use their favorite Disney character or movie as part of the clue and help them out if they are stuck. Give them warmer clues but not answer, but don't overdo it, else it may spoilt the fun. Also, don't forget to prepare some sweets or chocolate or even a small present for them in the end, it will double the excitement and joy!


  1. Watching Old photos

When was the last time you organize your old photos? Problem with digital camera is that we are taking too many photos but don't have time to organize these memories. Sometimes I will just connect my laptop (where I store my photos) to the TV and watch those photos and videos with kids together. I will also delete those not-so-nice photos on the spot and video and clear more space on my laptop. 

With kids growing so fast, sometimes you will need to guess which child is it in the photos and everybody has a good laugh.


  1. Baking

If you or your better half can bake, then this could be one of your options. Usually my wife will do something simple with my children, such as pan cakes and pie. It is fun and great bonding time with the kids.  In fact, baking with kids teach them a lot real life skills, such as planning, mathematics and more.

What if you want to do this but don’t know how to bake or cook? You may check out these videos, it has all the benefits of baking with your children, except the real food, but who cares, what’s important is you spend some quality time with your kids, right? You can now find these in most of the supermarkets in Malaysia.


  1. Visit local library

Yes, we do have quite a few well-maintained libraries here in Malaysia, especially in KL and Selangor.  It is not easy cultivate reading habit among children, but it is definitely something parents should strive to do. The benefits of reading go far beyond better grade in school, it helps them to be a better learner.

This a very good article about kids-friendly libraries in Klang Valley , alternatively, you can check the state library websites for each state via this link. I have been to a few of these, most of them are well-managed and you can find lots of books for children age from 3 to 12. Instead of spending your weekend in shopping complex, why not give these libraries a try?


  1. Video Game

Although I’m guilty of being a video game fanboy, but I'm very selective when it comes to picking video games for my children. There are quite a number of games that are suitable for family and kids, especially if you own a console gaming machine, such as PS4 and XBOX. As family activities, we usually play Xbox Kinect games, which allow you to play by using your body as the controller. It is also the best body-slimming-machine in my opinion, try play for an hour and you will know what I mean. You may find the list of games that are family friendly here, but be careful of the potential hazard that comes with it.


  1. Story telling time, by the kids

I used to read to my children when they are younger, but now that they grow older, it is much harder to keep them still at one place. But that doesn't mean we throw the story books away. From time to time, we will have a story telling activities, but instead of me reading the story, I'll have them tell me a story. It could a story they read, or something totally new that they made up. Then I will ask questions, like why does the princess always marry a prince, or what magic power that their character has, you may be amazed of their answers.

We also play a 'connect the story' game, I will start with an opening theme, and then children will take turn to continue the story with their own plot. For example, I'll start with 'Once upon a time, there was a princess that loves dog so much that she decided nobody in the kingdom can have dog except for herself….' then let the kids continue and see where will it bring us to.


  1. Make your own play dough

It is easy, fun and takes less than 10 minutes to make! Since it is just flour and food coloring, it is safe for even toddles. Another tips, if your kids really love the unicorn or dinosaurs that they created so much, you can make it permanent by baking it in oven, here’s the instruction.


  1. In-door theme parks

I know most of what I recommended here are indoor activities, what if you kids really want to leave the house? There are quite a lot of in-door Theme Parks here, my personal favorites are Kidzania at The Curve and PetroSains at KLCC, or check out other theme parks here.

So, that’s all that I have for now, you have a better idea? Tell us in the comment section or email us here!