Diving, and More, on Mabul Island

Mabul Island is a small vacation resort located half an hour from Borneo. Originally it was a fishing oriented village, but it was discovered to have one of the most beautiful and vibrant underwater life in the world. Mabul Island resorts were created to provide visitors with a variety of accommodation options. This island can provide everything you may need for both beginning and advanced scuba divers. The weather is perfect for diving throughout the whole year. The best months are said to be through April to December.

Tourist agencies have made trips to the island easier by offering Mabul Island packages. These are time savers when it comes to organizing a trip. Instead of trying to coordinate flights, boats and accommodation at the same time, the agencies will do it for you. That way you can fulfill the purpose of a vacation - empty your mind, let others do the work and enjoy your activities and rest.

Courses on scuba diving are also provided at the island. A beginners course can be completed within five days, so everyone who is here for the first time can get the proper education on how to safely explore the underwater world. That is the main reason why people come here in the first place - to witness the beauty and diversity of the unspoiled nature. It is said the island might be the perfect place for beginners to try out scuba diving. The waters are very shallow and that makes the environment suitable for people who might be afraid of depths.

But if you would rather skip diving activities, snorkeling and kayaking are some other great options to make the time fly faster. Walking in the beautiful nature of the island, visiting the Sea Gypsy village and sand volleyball are some other options you may look into. The sea gypsies are simple and interesting people who live from fishing and lately from designing souvenirs from local materials such as seashells. Village life is very slow and relaxing. It is really a heaven from those who are fed up with the speedy urban life rhythm.

For the days when you are feeling lazy, it is possible to just relax at the pool or Jacuzzi. Having a drink in a palm shade with an amazing view across the ocean is a great relaxing activity some people will never be tired of.

Even if you are a non-diver, Mabul Island is a place where every nature-lover is going to find a suitable place for a vacation. Recharging your batteries will happen more quickly when you are surrounded with such beauty. Even the traditionally built water bungalows are a sight to see. And there is always a possibility of changing your mind about scuba diving.

The Island is called muck diving, since the shallow and sandy waters tend to lower the visibility of divers. But this does not lessen the amazing experience dive site offers to its visitors with a wide variety of interesting and exotic species that inhabit the waters around it.

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