Basic and Extra Domestic Delivery Services Provided by Courier Services Company in Malaysia

Courier services is another type of service which delivers mail and packages that offers faster and more secure alternative than the regular mail services. Currently, the needs for courier services have increased due to flooding of e-commerce websites and more demands towards online shopping. Besides that, people also finds it more convenient to use courier services than to travel around to deliver documents or parcels be it for business or personal matter. Due to this, the courier service companies have introduced various other services in order to provide more choices and convenience to their customers.

Domestic Delivery Courier Services Company

Four of the main courier services company in Malaysia includes Pos Laju, GD Express (GDEX), DHL and City-Link Express. All of the companies’ main service is providing door-to-door delivery. The courier service companies provide tracking service on their website and also choices of insurance coverage. Pos Laju provides the fixed rate for their service on their website while GDEX, DHL and City-Link Express provide price calculator to check their rates. Below are types of basic service the company provide:


Pos Laju




City-Link Express

Same-Day Delivery


·    Only for package weighing not more than 1kg

·    Within same town only (RM6.00 surcharge)

·    Cross town only applicable within Klang Valley area

(RM7.50 surcharge)

·     Available for designated areas

·  Not available

·   Request need to be made before 11:30 am

·   Only applicable within Klang Valley

·   Not applicable if shipping and delivery address is a residential area



(working days)


·   Next working day delivery (D+1) within Pos Laju coverage areas

·   2-3 working days standard delivery for areas outside Pos Laju delivery areas

·   Rate starts at RM10.60 for more than 2kg

·     Available

·   Major Towns

(JB, Penang, KL): next day

·  West Malaysia:

2-4 days

·  East Malaysia:

3-5 days

·  Delivery Days and window:
Mon-Sat 9 am to 6 pm


·  Depending on the location, allow 3 to 7 days of transit time for shipments bound for East


Time-Certain Delivery



·   Delivery by the next working days by 10:00am to major cities in Peninsular Malaysia

·   Additional surcharge of RM3.50


·     Available

·  Delivery on the next possible day by 9:00am/ 12:00 noon/ end of the next possible day

·  Delivery on the next possible day by 10:00am/ 12:00 noon

·  Not applicable if delivery is a residential area

·  Available at most major cities

Pre-paid Delivery

·  Available


·  Available

· Not Available

·  Available


·   Includes Ordinary Parcels, Insured Parcels and Cash-on-Delivery Parcels

·   Rate of postage starts at RM7.00 for up to 2kg

·     Include in express service

·  Domestically

 1-5 days

·   Only for business customers

·   Available for single shipment

·  Include in express service

Weight limit

·   30kg

·   Over 30kg need to call service centre



·   No weight limit

·  70kg for express service

·  30kg for parcel service

·  Over 70kg need to call for quote

·  No weight limit




·   Not Available

·   Available (from and to customer)

·  Not Available

·  Available (from and to customer)


·   Available

·   Available

·  Available

·  Not Available


Pick-up service

· Available for parcel up to 30kg in coverage area only

· RM5.30 additional surcharge

·  Standard and late pick-up available

· Standard and weekend      pick-up available

·  Available

·  No pick-up near service/ agent centre

Packaging Service

·  Available

·  Not Available

· Available

·  Available


Branch/ Drop-in Centres

·  Over 1000 branch,   

 100 agents  


·  Branch, agent, lodge-in, reseller, collection point, contractor available

· Service centre available

·  Service centre, agent centre, drop-in centre

                              *informations are based on the courier service company website


Special Services/ Promotions

Other than their basic courier services, the courier service companies also provide special service and promotions to distinguish themselves from other companies. Pos Laju provides Borneo Economy Express service that allows you to ship parcels more than 2kg from Sabah/ Sarawak to Peninsular Malaysia with a discount of 36% on the normal postage rate and also Putrajaya Express that charges a flat rate of RM12.00 for parcels up to 2kg to be shipped to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. Pos Laju also provide motorcycle posting service that packages and ships your motorcycle with special rate for students and their 2-way package.

City-Link Express provide special 1 rate to ASEAN + Hong Kong service that allows you to ship your parcels to ASEAN countries and Hong Kong with one price in the local currency to avoid fluctuations in the currency exchange.

Since DHL is known for their web shipping, they offer 10% discount when you use credit card online to pay for the web shipping. DHL also offers 10% discounts for the students to ship their university application or to move their belongings abroad.

Conclusively, courier service nowadays does not only benefit the receiver as they could receive their packages faster and enable them to track their packages but the person that delivers could also benefit from the pick-up services, pre-paid delivery, package service and even web shipping. In the end, which courier service company and types of courier services to choose would vary based on your situation and needs, which service is the most convenient for you and of course the cost you are willing to pay for the service.