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Dear sir ,I'm rajesh ur staff ,was on duty at Marion convent setapak ,I've worked for 14 days ,have to leave while on duty ,bcoz. Mr azman came shouted and embaraced me in front of others ,sir I'm 45 yrs old ,I'm in this security line for 26yrs. After my spm i joined security ,hope u under stand ,with that experience I would not done anything without a solid reason,even once Azman ask me to leave the post ,morning guard was not there ,I had been important thng to do ,need to go can't work 24 hrs rite? When I cal him ,he can't get someone to relief ,he ask me to leave ,I said no , I can't ,and I waited till the other guard came ,it happen in the 1st time I joined ur company,blind school near puspakom,sir I'm a poor man ,I'm just asking for my hard d earn money,standing in hot sun ,12 hrs without leave for 14 days ,I don't want any kind of problem ,and can't also ,u are so powerful,just pay my salary,I'm asking Azman ,thru watsup ,SMS and even call. He blocked me,then my bro ( ur staff also,)told me Azman ask to cal office,when I cal and intro my self ,ur clerk hang up on me wats surprise me.is made many cals after that ,she don't pickup,that'd bad isn't sir,not for me but for ur business,how if any client or guards call for emergency matter ,hopefully u pay me ASAP thx