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With bridal gowns and images that could speak more than words. At Vogue, we strike to provide an “one stop” solution bridal studio, bridal gown rental and every tiny pieces of a dream wedding once-in-a-lifetime.

Our passion towards service excellence, we will ensure you will have a pleasant and down to earth experience with us. Planning for your photography in your big day will need detailed and thorough planning, we would like to enlighten you to make your dress the prettiest bridal gown.

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  • Bridal Photography Studio

    Wedding moments had always been emphasis by our photographers. Vogue Collection personalised approach to art form is based on your life to create aesthetic ideas. They are known to bring out the best on you for the bridal photography session, be it your actual day or pre-wedding photography, to capture the images that express your wedding day with maximum aesthetic impact and individual flair.

  • Bridal Gowns

    The Brides wear will always be the attention of all and this become greatest consent of us. Hence, the gowns we have, be it bridal gowns or evening dress, is always grand and elegant, beautiful and romantic unique with a touch of tradition.

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I was first attracted by Vogue Collection at my colleague's wedding (2011) after watching the photo montage projected. I love the EG (Wedding Acronym) his wife was wearing, well I didn't examine it closely + it was dark during the dinner reception. However at one glance, it was pleasant to the eyes. Vogue brides have been praising enthusiastically about their photography technique. They are very good at bringing out and exhibiting the romance in every couple. Specifying the exact PG you want is a smart thing to do. PG recommended: Wing.

I would advise you to go to the shop and talk to the SAs or manager to test the water before getting involved. Pick the SA who clicks with you, afterall she/ he will be the person you interact with during the whole process of WG selection, date arrangements and negotiations if there is a change of plan. It would be sad if you end up a disgruntled customer due to the service quality. Here are some comments from BTSs on forums, take them with a pinch of salt. Everyone has different expectations and the experience may vary depending on situations. I eliminated the comments made older than 2010, they may not reflect the current circumstances.

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  • Experienced
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
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Had the most disastrous moment at the Vogue collection, ss2 bridal house. I urge all of you NOT!! to choose that bridal shop.
Their services was horrible.

When i first pay my deposit, instead of recording it as RM900, they put RM800. When we told them, they just pretended not hearing it.
During Gown Fitting, they forgot to take my measurement and the so called Person in Charged   CHRESTY has the worst attitude and customer service. She will basically show her ''I DONT CARE'' attitude and stood at the counter without even acknowledging you.
When i ask for her boss contact number, she was afraid to provide as she knows that she did a sucky job.

Before my gown fitting session, i was at keep gallery helping out my friends, their services are SUPERB! world class services.
i was pretty worried when i enter the vogue during my gown fitting, because it was totally contrast with keep gallery. the shop was empty and basically NO customer.

That explains it! previously vogue was the Chosen 1, but i believe because of one of the staff CHRESTY, she has
ruin the business tremendously. So, be warn and never ever choose Vogue Collection.

I will also spread this to all the wedding agents, clients, friends and family.
They are well aware that i'm also a wedding planner but still not careful with their action and attitude.

You may go in and see for yourselves, all bridal house are jam pack with couples, except Vogue.