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Our Music Cantre established on 9th June 2007 with 5 teachers and 18 students, now it is grown to 8 teachers and more than 48 students. We are employ the teachers who having more experienced and high qualification to contact the courses like piano, guitar

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Our centre’s mission:
1. To provide students with the best learning environment possible;
2. To cultivate musical and arts interest in students;

3. Cooperate with parents to maintain close communication and coordination;
4. Teachers will give their best effort to pass on their knowledge to students;
5. Students are exposed to a comprehensive learning experience and not limited
to a single module of lesson such as:
All instrument
• Students will not only be learning exam related syllabuses but also other types of
musical knowledge such as: classical music, pop, jazz, folk, and etc;
• Making sure that all students master the correct playing techniques;
• Students will also learn every physical aspect of every instrument that they take
up to learn;
• To expose students to various learning techniques by exchanging experiences
via duet play and accompaniment play;

Art and craft course
• Not limited to painting and color techniques, but also through the use of touch
technique to stimulate the imagination of all students.

Calligraphy course
• Develop students' concentration, Chinese character strokes and improve on their
personal character.

6. Hold a “Class Hour” every 2 to 3 months.

• Allow students to have more opportunities to observe each other. Parents can better understand their children's learning progress. Student will train their courage while performing on stage and also improve on their stage performance and to promote students' learning progress.

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