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Tung Shin Hospital, previously known as Pooi Shin Thong, was founded in 1881 by Kapitan Cina Yap Kwan Seng, and located at Sultan Street, Kuala Lumpur. Initially, it merely provided traditional medical care for patients.

In 1894 it was converted into a non-profit organization and its name was changed to Tung Shin Hospital. The hospital was then shifted to the present address. A new single story ward was built in 1917. It was rebuilt in 1959 into a double storey, U-shape medical ward and completed in 1961. It was built and named the Welfare Ward and has since become the Chinese medical ward was built and named Loke Yim Ward. In 1963 it was rebuilt into a double-storey Female Ward which was completed a year later.

Har Par Building was built as a hall in 1935, it was converted into Chinese medical out-patient clinic, office, hostel and western specialist center. Presently become library of Chinese Medical Department and activities center for staff Sport and Recreation Club.

A bold expansion programme for Western Medical Department was initiated in 1985. This 10 storey block with a total built-up area of 240,000 sq. feet was finally completed in 1989. It has a bed capacity of 238.

In 2002, Lee Yan Lian Ward was demolished for the construction of a 12-storey Chinese Medical Building. The new block has a built up floor area of 180,000 sq. feet was completed in July 2005 and operational in January 2006. The building consist of Chinese Medical Department with out-patient clinics, in-patient ward with bed capacity of 108 beds, administration office, Tung Shin Academy of Nursing and hostel for staff with the capacity to accommodate 250 people.


Service /Price Details


  Bed Types   RM
Single VIP Suite (with A/C) 450
Single Standard (with A/C) 200
Double Standard (with A/C) 135
3-Bedded (with A/C) 100
4-Bedded (with A/C) 90
ICU (with A/C) 300
ICU Side Bedded (with A/C) 80
Acute Bay – 4-Bedded (with A/C) 200
Isolation Room 150
  Maternity Wards   RM
Birthing Suite (additional Rm200 when delivery day) 500
Single Room 200
2 Bedded 140
3 Bedded 110
4 Bedded 90
Isolation Room 100
5 Bedded 80
Nursery 50
Labour Room 250
Special Nursing Care 50
  Pediatrics Ward (children below 12 years old)   RM
2-Bedded (with A/C) 135
3-Bedded (with A/C) 100
  Day Case Patients
For patients admitted and discharged within 6 hours, they will be charged half-day rate


  • The above rates are subject to 6% Government Service Tax (GST) and inclusive of complimentary meals.
  • The above Room Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Chinese Medical Division

Room Rate

  Room   RM
Deluxe single room with (air-condition and TV) 140
Single standard room with (air-condition and TV) 120
Double bedded room with (air-condition) 95
Four bedded room with (air-condition) 80
Five bedded room with (air-condition) 70
Five bedded room 60


  • The above rates are subject to 6% Government Service Tax (GST) and inclusive of complimentary meals.
  • The above Room Rates are subject to changes without prior notice.



Mon - Fri : 8:30am - 8:30pm
Sat - Sun : 8:30am - 9:30pm
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The Tung Shin hospital charge may cheaper but the doctor consultation fees here is almost expensive as other private hospital. Not easy to find a parking and traffic jam nearby during weekdays

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  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Waiting Time
Doctors r good and professional but the management is lousy like shit! My mom was sent to operation for polypectomy of her nose. The admission time was 10am and the time to send for operation should be 2pm. However, we were told that doc postponed the surgery to 5pm. WHAT?! Fine, I was waiting for my mom but until 9:30pm (the visit time close at 10pm) but she still haven come back. We were scared and worried about my mom's condition cos it took so long time as the estimate time for the operation is 2 hrs. The next day (today) then only I come to know, someone mistakenly placed the wrong file for the operation. Means my mom is supposed to be the first patient but then another patient was sent to the operation first instead of my mom. Another patient was sent for emergency surgery also then no choice my mom's surgery got delayed again! (This I can understand) My mom told me that she had been waiting outside the operation, starving and freezing to death until around 9 something (pm) then only she do her operation. (My mom starved from 10am till operation time) I'm so sad and angry in the same time for everythg my mom suffered! We pay for the fee and services and this is what we get back in return! And we r coming all the way from Mentakab, Pahang! How can they made this stupid mistake!? Aren't they professional?! If in future, anyone of my family need to do OPERATION (touchwood) I will nvr let them to do in TungShin! I will definitely will not recommend my frens or anyone I know to this hospital! The doctors r very professional btw so u can go for it as outpatient.