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TANS Music & Art Centre are located at Ulu Tiram Johor. Do contact them to get more information about all the courses they offer for you. 

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-Children Art 儿童美术
-Pencil Drawing 铅笔素描
-Watercolor Painting 水彩画
-Oil Painting 油画
-Acrylic Painting 丙烯画
-Chinese Painting 中国水墨画

*Music 音乐:
-Classical Piano 古典钢琴
-Simple Piano 简易钢琴
-Violin 小提琴
-Classical Guitar 古典吉他
-Pop Guitar 流行吉他
-Electric Guitar 电子吉他
-Drum 西洋鼓
-Indian Musical Instrument 印度乐器

-Children Ballet 儿童芭蕾舞

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  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Availability
Experienced teachers and great facilities for students.
Reviewer profile
  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Value of Money
  • Availability
This place is great. I was a teacher once here and Ms. Tan is just one of the friendliest and patient principle ever and Ms Siaw Fang, the head admin is always on top of things. Conducive and spacious environment. A lot of the music teachers are also very active musicians.