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 N/Name: Soley
 Race: Persian
 Marital Status: Single
 Age: 24
 Height: 180cm
 Weight: Approximately 72kg
 Date of Birth: 16th Dec 1986
 Personal Traits: cooperative, reliable, hardworking, eager to learn
 E-Mail:
 Current Address: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Hello! my name is Soliman but you can call me Soley. I am a simple guy with big dreams.I have experience in Many areas, some sports like gym fitness, but I’m still learning. I am easy to work with, and can pull off any look needed for a shoot but modeling is not my profession, for now im just having some shoots for fun nothing more, I am very determined, and have a positive attitude. I believe I have a certain look that could be greatly utilized. I am very interested in establishing a career in the modeling industry. dont hesitate to contact me through my email

Service /Price Details
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kgs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity : Other
Skin Color: Tanned
Experience: No Experience
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