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Types of services provided Cosmetic Dentistry Improvement of overall smile appearance using modern dentistry methods Root Canal Treatment Periodontal (Gum) Treatment Oral Surgery, including the services of consultant oral surgeon when necessary Dental Implants by consultant oral surgeon Dentures (Removable Prosthodontics) Crown and Bridgework (Fixed Prosthodontics) Tooth Whitening (One hour in-office or take home) Mouthguards X-ray Services Intra-oral Camera Air Polishing (removal of stains)

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Price for Service:

- Consultation ( RM35 )

- Extraction ( RM120 and above )

- Scaling & Polishing ( RM120 - RM150 )

- Filling ( RM90 - RM250 )

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My childrens and my dentist is Dr Diane Chai at Smile Partners Dental Clinic. Dr Diane Chai has a very cosy clinic. She is a mother of two young children, so she knows how to calm the fears of little ones and make the whole visit as comfortable as possible. There is a play area for kids. She was patient with Anna when I took her to her first visit. Annas whole experience was almost the same as depicted in Doras book. Dr Diane let Anna climb up to the space ship (dentist chair) and moved it up and down and spun it. Anna was also impressed with the magic light which she could turn on and off with a wave of her hand. On top of the intimidating machine arm, there sat a few fuzzy toys. If these are not enough to distract the child, there is an overhead TV tuned to the cartoon channel. Dr Chai is very professional and her fees are reasonable. With an appointment, there is almost no waiting time.