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It's the new life of Mrs.PRECIOUS, has now been part of every precious couple. A warm, dedicated and passionate team to walk with you through your wedding experience.Closed on Tuesdays

Tell Your Story Through Our Lens.

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The PRECIOUS team will capture every iridescent moment of your wedding journey be it on still or moving images from your pre-wedding to actual day to your family and friends memorable moments.
· Pre-wedding
· Stag / Hen’s Celebration
· Actual Wedding Day
· Family / Maternity / Baby / Children / Graduation / Personal Portrait
· Other events (i.e. private and corporate parties)

Gown & Dresses

We have over 800 gowns and dresses including Strass X’clusive bridesmaid and mum gowns to fit that special occasion you are attending, hosting or ‘starring’ in. Our PRECIOUS gowns and dresses speak louder than words – so come on in to have a look for yourself!

Make Up & Hair Do

What more need we say when our team of PRECIOUS make-up and hair stylists can bring out the best in you for that special occasion?

Wedding & Private Event

Truth be said – all weddings, parties and celebrations are but gatherings of friends and families. We will be there to spearhead the idea and concept in making your day nothing short of spectacular!
· Theme / Conceptual Development and Planning
· Vendor and supplier research, liaison and negotiation
· Venue sourcing
· Props and equipments sourcing
· Scheduling and budget consideration
· All other matters (i.e. door gift ideas, invitation card design and RSVP, event stationery and etc. etc. etc.)

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  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Availability
The moment I signed with Precious, it was a smooth and happy journey with them. Joelle who served me is a very nice and friendly lady. Makeup artist Sharon is talented, she gave me the biggest eyes that I could ever ask for. I am very satisfied with all the makeup and hairdo that she had done for me. Photographer Dic was funny and made us feel at ease during photoshoot. He understood my requirements well and all his photos were spot on! Two thumbs up for Precious brilliant crew!
Reviewer profile
  • Experienced
  • Friendly
  • Value of Money
  • Availability
Wonder why I cannot find Precious Bridal House here for quite some times, then today only I realize it appears as the Bridal Gallery of Ever After here, EA has changed to Precious end of 2009, for your update. I have signed up pre wedding package with them, just choose the photos and waiting to see the design. So far, my experience is good. I cannot find much comments on Precious, but EA had mixed good and bad comment. Shared some of my experience here, 1.I am happy with the package I get, RM2988 + RM500 voucher + PM session AD photographer, got it in the fair 2.The gown not much choices, especially the outdoor night gown. You can upgrade the gown. But the BA helped me a lot in finding the gown that suit me, I took 5 hours just to choose 4 gowns ;p 3.The gowns do not fit me at all during the PS, luckily the aunty manage to fix it immediately before the PS. 4. I am satisfied with the MUA and photographer, totally leave to their professional as I am not good in these, so I just follow whatever idea they gave ;p 5.It was raining on my outdoor shooting, but the MUA and photographer worked hard to take the photos in the rain. 6.Photo select session, we are allowed to select all the photo on our own,they not rush us or persuade us to take more photos. 7.They never call to confirm on the appointments, I myself will call them up the day before to confirm it. This is the part that I think they have to improve to serve better. We have made the complete payment during the photo selection session, hope that the service still good after this. As I read comment the service before and after will be different.